Preventing Illegal U-Turns through the Pennsylvania Avenue Bike Lanes

The effort to protect bikers from cars making illegal maneuvers continues in Washington D.C. on Pennsylvania Avenue. Because the street holds regular inauguration parades, planners can make a limited number of permanent changes.

Ryan Sigworth reports on the ongoing efforts of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to curb illegal U-turns by vehicles through the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes. The DDOT is considering called a "Park-It," usually used as a wheel stop in parking spaces. "Park-Its are 6 feet long and slightly lower than the Zebras. According to a letter from DDOT to the US Commission on Fine Arts (CFA), one Park-It will go in each of the spaces between stripes along the buffer area on both sides of the bike lanes, with a maximum of 8 feet in between. On the sections where there is no crosshatched, painted buffer, such as between 13th and 14th Streets, the Park-Its will go even closer together," writes Sigworth.

Last fall, DDOT launched a pilot project with a product called Zebras, which weren't durable enough to last the winter nor were they totally successful in deterring drivers from making illegal U-turns.

Sigworth also reports on a few other measures under consideration to cut down on illegal U-turns on the street—including bike-specific signals and allowing cars to make left turns at more intersections. 

Full Story: Maybe this can stop U-turns on Pennsylvania Avenue


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