Billion Dollar Rail Proposed in Victoria

Planners in Victoria, British Columbia, are proposing a new light rail line for the city. Despite its $1 billion price tag, the transit line is expected to see wide support.

Transportation planners in Victoria say that buying more buses "isn't sustainable, given projected population growth and limited road space."

B.C. Transit President Manuel Achadinha says that the light rail plan will likely not face much opposition, because it was developed in collaboration with the public and various agencies.

The Goldstream New Gazette, however, reports that reception for the plan has been mixed.

Mayor Dave Saunders of Colwood thinks it is too expensive:

"Saunders criticized BC Transit's public process of setting out a transit corridor and evaluating technologies without a clear notion of price.

'Transit is getting false information,' he said."

Full Story: $1B rapid transit line suggested for Victoria


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