FL Gov Wins HSR Suit: Returns $2.4 Billion

The FL Supreme Court ruled March 4 against two state senators who sued to save the project despite Gov. Rick Scott's opposition. DOT Secretary LaHood contacted Scott a third time before announcing that $2.4 billion in HSR funds would be redirected.

"Gov. Rick Scott emerged victorious Friday in his effort to kill high-speed rail in Florida. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced he would send $2.4 billion earmarked for Florida to other states."

The Times reporters note that Scott's rejection of the federal funding is the third time the state has rejected building high speed rail.

"In 1999, Gov. Jeb Bush halted construction of a bullet train that already had a contractor.

Five years later, he led a successful campaign to repeal a constitutional amendment passed in 2000 that required construction of high-speed rail."

"The governor's decision shows a devastating lack of vision, a lack of understanding of Florida's economic situation, and an unfortunate devotion to his own rigid ideology," U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa, said.

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Full Story: No high-speed rail for Florida; court rules for Scott, feds move to give money to someone else



Thank you Florida!!

All I have to say is thank you Florida. While I'm sure there are plenty of Floridians for high speed rail, the governor of that state giving back the money means that it might go to California or the North East, two regions I live in. I can't wait to benefit from high speed rail and see the dumb look on the faces of those state politicians that had the opportunity to use these monies to start their own programs, but gave it back because of idelogical reason as California and the North East see economic growth from these project. Once again thank you Florida.


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