Tapping the Crowd to Solve America's Transportation Problem

Slate is soliciting ideas from its readers to improve the nation's transportation system.

"We are asking you, essentially, to become transportation hackers (and we're talking not simply cars but the whole of urban and interurban movement). We are looking for your best ideas. They may be your own wild brainstorms, or they may be examples, whether grand or mundane, of things you've experienced in your own city or while traveling. But we want your best proposals for solving an increasingly relevant problem: how to move the most people around and between cities in the most efficient, safe, and perhaps even pleasurable manner. And then we want you to vote on which of those submissions you think are best."

Ideas already submitted include making cars slimmer, making cars autonomous and making different road rules for cyclists.

Full Story: Nimble Cities



Evolution = Revolution

Evolution = Revolution

My personal research suggests that there is a very real and visional opportunity to begin that lucrative accomplishment of transport with out its energy and resource consumptions. That there is more than an ample availability of structural and technological abilities to begin a evolutionary step in infrastructural management that promises to so truly revolutionize the populations availability of time, energy, and resources, that we could then achieve those very heightened abilities we need in order to get beyond nearly all those social economic, environmental and ecological problems we know today.

The simple picture below in my signature is what I call an Integrated Distribution System or IDS for short.

It is the diminished provision of a concrete pipe which is just large enough to allow the smooth transition of today’s vehicles and containers. It is an evolutionary change in form. Whose real innovation is not the reduced amount of permanent long lived structure? Nor is it the manner of form and processes which are ecologically and environmentally sound. Whose real innovation is the provision of a secure and controlled environment which will then allow transport and utility distribution processes to evolve in their ready application of existing technologies which cannot be reliably applied in the open environments of today.

The cost in providing this very limited amount of structure provision appears to be significantly less than that being incurred by highways today while the energy efficiency value revenues suggest themselves to be annually 500% greater.

A 500% return on an investment that is composed primarily of permanent structure and components is not a lucrative profit but an absurd one.

I am in hopes of developing this concept of visional change in the purposes of thrusting forward into thwarting those enormous values caught up In today’s exhaustive energy and resource consuming processes and moving them into the support of the social and economic pitfalls in education and healthcare.

I can and will reasonably support the above claims.

"IDS" - Integrated Distribution System
George Schrader 850 527 7612
1208 Grace Ave, Panama City, FL 32401- 2425


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