New Bike Lanes Hope To Eliminate 'Dooring' Factor

Actually, dooring (motorist or passenger exiting car opens door on passing cyclist) might still occur, but the driver would have to watch for passing cars, not cyclists, as the bike lane would be placed between the parked cars, buffer and the curb.

A pilot project has been authorized for Golden Gate Park by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency along John F. Kennedy Drive to enhance cyclist safety. If successful, it could be applied city-wide. The striped buffer lanes are already in use in NYC.

"The $250,000 project will move parking spots away from the curb so bicyclists and cars no longer have to mingle on the roadway. The lanes are expected to protect bicyclists and encourage more cycling in The City."

"A painted buffer area between the parked cars and bikeway will provide space for passengers to enter and exit vehicles," the SFMTA said. "In areas without parking, the bikeway will be separated from the travel lane by a painted buffer area only."

"The lanes have been a success in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and New York City, said Andy Thornley, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's" program manager. The lanes offer the comfort of safety and fluidity for cyclists, he said."

Correspondent's Note: The article does not include the width of the striped buffer lane, but it certainly will be wider than the single stripe provided by conventional bike lanes.

Thanks to MTC Headlines

Full Story: New bikeways create buffer



I love this idea

As a biker who has watched a good friend get crushed by a derelict driver, I support all efforts to separate bikers from cars.

I avoid roads without bike lanes, and hope that the hard-core biker set eventually realizes that most of us do not want to be amongst the traffic.

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