Transport Revolutions

Lester Brown explores how bus rapid transit systems and other innovations are transforming transportation in cities across the world.

He also writes that the U.S. is slowly catching up with the rest of the world.

"The United States, which has lagged far behind Europe in developing diversified urban transport systems, is being swept by a "complete streets" movement, an effort to ensure that streets are friendly to pedestrians and bicycles as well as to cars. Many American communities lack sidewalks and bike lanes, making it difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to get around safely, particularly where streets are heavily traveled.

This cars-only model is being challenged by the National Complete Streets Coalition, a powerful assemblage of citizen groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, AARP, and numerous local and national cycling organizations."

Full Story: Reclaiming the streets



Diesel in BRT?

Are these BRT models using diesel? Please let's get rid of the diesel emissions for the health of bus drivers/riders, pedestrians and residents alike.

In the major city of the

In the major city of the America's and also in the city of the worlds, it is very risk to cycling or pedestrians on the street. There are always full of heavy vehicles and traffic. Streets are being narrow and being hard to travel cities at these times because many vehicles are increasing in big ratios, populations growing on same ratio too. In this situation, this car would be perfects solutions because we can ensure on that most of vehicles have increasing pollution, which has been creating negatives effects on environment and on our health. Especially, those vehicles which are operated by fuels (Diesels, patrols) and this challenging too, so we should think about the upcoming models. I hope it will be helpful to rid the old models and that's would be really different that it, solve the challenged too

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