Bay Area Adopts Regional Transportation Plan

On Earth Day, the Bay Area's MPO- the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, formally adopted their Regional Transportation Plan that includes a controversial 800-mile High Occupancy Toll lane network that is dependent on the passage of legislation.

A 25-year spending and planning strategy adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Wednesday calls for the development of an 800-mile network of express lanes - carpool lanes that solo drivers could pay a toll to use.

The transportation plan, two years in the making, outlines how to spend $218 billion in projects in the nine-county Bay Area over the next 25 years. It is updated every three years.

The (express lane) network, which would cost $3.7 billion to build, would first convert 400-plus miles of carpool lanes to express lanes by installing overhead structures that would collect tolls electronically, using FasTrak transponders. Then additional express lanes would be built. Details on toll amounts and how the lanes would operate have not yet been determined."

The plan provides "the ability to use the income from the express-lane network to fund transit improvements, including express buses using the lanes."

From Streetsblog: MTC Approves Sweeping Regional Plan, Debates New Toll Lanes:
"While most of the public comment was laudatory, some expressed concern the RTP fails to make meaningful inroads in meeting climate change goals set out in AB 32 and SB 375. Stuart Cohen, Executive Director of TransForm, called it a "test run," and said the commission needs to reevaluate the way it plans RTPs and should think outside the box. "

Thanks to MTC-ABAG Library

Full Story: Express toll lanes added to regional plan


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