Boston's Transportation Choices Studied

A draft Environmental Impact Report is now underway to study the proposed routes and power sources for rail extensions south of Boston. Considerations include ridership, wetlands, smart growth benefits, and future development around train stations.

"Colleen Corona, chairwoman of the Easton Board of Selectmen, said she has the same concerns she voiced during meetings with South Coast Rail officials. 'And I have huge concerns about downtown Easton,' she said. 'I can't imagine the noise implications, with trains coming to a screeching stop and then starting up again.'

Meanwhile, the chairman of Middleborough's Board of Selectmen, Patrick Rogers, was relieved to discover that a proposal to expand the rail down through Middleborough was taken off the list for further study.

'From my perspective, I'm very pleased,' Rogers said Monday. 'I think it would have been detrimental to the downtown.' While Middleborough Planner Ruth Geoffroy had argued the rail expansion through town center would help revitalize the downtown, Rogers had disagreed.

'We don't need revitalizing in Middleborough,' Rogers said. 'When the casino project goes forward, we'll be revitalized. Let the people in the downtown area have some peace and quiet.'"

Full Story: Picking the best expansion option for commuters


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