Louisville Metro Stepping Up Its Planning for Pedestrians

Jerry Abramson, mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, has announced plans to invest $100,000 in creating a pedestrian plan for his city.

"Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson wants to do for walkers what his administration has done for bicyclists -- make it easy, safe and fun for them to exercise in public areas around the city."

"Abramson announced yesterday that his office will hold a pedestrian summit in March and spend $100,000 to develop a community-wide plan that will make recommendations on street, sidewalk and road improvements. The city has spent millions on improving bike trails in recent years, and Abramson said he expects the pedestrian effort will be similar in approach."

"The focus on increasing pedestrian access is part of Abramson's Healthy Hometown movement, which he launched in 2004 as a community-wide effort to encourage physical activity and good nutrition."

Thanks to Steve Sizemore

Full Story: Pedestrians get a foothold


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