Land Use

A suite of zoning changes under consideration by the Tacoma Planning Commission provoked its "most well-attended" hearing in decades.
11 hours ago   The News Tribune
<em>The New York Times</em> looks at plans for the new Transbay Terminal in San Francisco, which could break ground within months.
Jan 4, 2010   The New York Times
New regulations in Virginia limiting their use may be the death knell for cul-de-sacs. Planners and developers debate their worth, but new studies show they aren't cost effective for cities, or even as safe as assumed.
Jan 4, 2010   Fast Company
New London, Connecticut was dealt a major blow when pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced plans to pack up and leave the heavily city-subsidized building New London had lured the company with. Bill Fulton looks at the impact of the move.
Jan 4, 2010   Governing
Preservation groups and land trusts are beneficiaries of the economic recession, as prices on land have dropped low enough for many to buy up land for conservation purposes.
Jan 3, 2010   The New York Times
<em>Curbed LA</em> takes an amusing look at the urban planning proposals that bubbled up in L.A. throughout 2009.
Jan 3, 2010   Curbed LA
Britain is becoming increasingly privatized as urban regeneration projects put entire neighborhoods in the hands of developers. One project spans 34 of Liverpool's streets, putting public space in private control.
Dec 31, 2009   The Guardian U.K.
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Dec 31, 2009  By Nate Berg
<em>Triple Canopy</em> translates a Chinese interview with Shu Yu, one of the world's foremost underground urban planners. He talks about the potential of underground space for urban habitation.
Dec 30, 2009   Triple Canopy
Blogger David Yoon takes photographs of Los Angeles streets and Photoshops them to be narrower, creating a fantasy L.A. that is more walkable and relatable.
Dec 30, 2009   narrow streets los angeles
Agricultural investors are buying up abandoned and empty land in Detroit -- making a big wager on the future of the city as a farm town.
Dec 30, 2009   Los Angeles Times