Land Use

While the plan to transform the Bellwood Quarry into Westside Reservoir Park waits, as it has done for eight years, an Atlanta councilmember proposes locating the endangered Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center near the site.
3 hours ago   Creative Loafing Atlanta
A new master plan for New Orleans has been released. Controversy is expected on the highly anticipated plan as public input is gathered.
Mar 23, 2009   New Orleans Times Picayune
A new comprehensive plan being released in Raleigh has many -- both in and out of the city -- wondering what's the best way to grow in the post-sprawl world.
Mar 22, 2009   Raleigh Durham Independent Weekly
In a discussion about how graveyards fit into new forms of urbanism, James Howard Kunstler predicts that city planning departments are not long for this world.
Mar 20, 2009   Whistling Past the Graveyard
Nine-month study commissioned by President Nicolas Sarkozy aims to transform Paris and its surrounding suburbs into the first sustainable “post-Kyoto" city.
Mar 19, 2009   The New York Times
Habitat for Humanity, known for building low-cost, affordable houses, has taken to deconstructing homes in Saginaw, MI. Reselling the materials and building smaller homes in their stead make more sense than rehabilitating an old house, they say.
Mar 19, 2009   The New York Times
The city of Waco, Texas, imposes limits on new billboards--hoping to reduce its overall inventory with a "cap and replace" strategy.
Mar 19, 2009   News 8 Austin
In the latest episode of his podcast, James Howard Kunstler provides commentary on the urbanism of Paris. By following along with Google Street View, you can walk the streets and see what he sees.
Mar 19, 2009   KunstlerCast
Colorado law prohibits the collection of rainwater, but urban farmers, environmentally-conscious homeowners, and even developers are catching on to its benefits and building momentum for the legalization of rainwater harvesting.
Mar 19, 2009   Los Angeles Times
The economic downturn and burst of the real estate bubble have thrown a wrench into New York City's broad plans for redevelopment and environmental redesign. This piece looks at what lies ahead for the city.
Mar 19, 2009   The New York Times
A one-size-fits-all urban landscape doesn't mean that different ethnic neighborhoods don't find ways to personalize them. A UC Berkeley graduate student investigates how cultures perceive space.
Mar 18, 2009   San Francisco Chronicle