NPR Turns Its Attention to Cities

Announced this week by All Things Considered hosts Melissa Block and Robert Siegel, National Public Radio is launching a new series called the NPR Cities Project and they're asking listeners for their input.

According to Siegel, the new series will feature reports, "on issues that confront cities all over these days, issues that probably come up where you live." In advance of the series debut in two weeks, NPR is asking listeners to, "Tell us what you think of as the heart of your city; your favorite neighborhood or park, corner shop, hidden treasure," at this website.

Perhaps in connection with the series, NPR's TED Radio Hour has assembled an episode dedicated to "The Future of Cities." Segments by Stewart Brand, Robert Neuwirth, Ellen Dunham-Jones, and Geoffrey West are oriented around topics of density, squatter cities, the suburbs, and what nature has to teach us about cities.

Full Story: Calling All Listeners For The 'NPR Cities Project'


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