Eleven Recent Films for Fans of Cities

Searching for ways to wring more value out of your underutilized Netflix subscription? Nate Berg has compiled a list of "11 of the best documentaries about cities streaming on Netflix."

Recently, we introduced you to the "Ten Great Movies for Placemakers." Nate Berg has gathered a more narrowly focused list of recent non-fiction films, all available for streaming on Netflix, that "offer interesting, frustrating and downright sad stories about cities."

Included on Berg's list are The Big Uneasy, directed by Harry Shearer, which "follows the two lead investigators behind studies showing that the flooding in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans were caused by human errors in infrastructure design," and The Art of the Steal, Directed by Don Argott, which tells "The tale of the impressive collection of post-impressionist paintings owned by Dr. Albert Barnes, and how, despite explicit instructions in his will against it, the collection was eventually moved from its semi-private suburban location into a brand new museum (recently opened) in downtown Philadelphia."

Full Story: 11 of the Best Documentaries About Cities Streaming on Netflix


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