A study investigates the effect of air conditioning systems on air temperature and electricity requirements. The study's findings: the release of waste heat (via AC systems) exacerbates the nocturnal urban heat island, thus increasin cooling demands.
2 hours ago   Treehugger
<p>A look at how the city's sustainability initiative, PlaNYC, is leading to greener streets in more ways than one.</p>
Feb 17, 2008   Streetsblog
<p>This slideshow from <em>Popular Science</em> shows case studies of some of the country's greenest cities and how they are achieving environmental sustainability.</p>
Feb 16, 2008   Popular Science
<p>The world's largest marine protected area has just been established around the tiny Pacific island of Kiribati.</p>
Feb 15, 2008   Reuters
<p><em>Popular Science</em> has released a list of the 50 greenest cities in America.</p>
Feb 15, 2008   Popular Science
<p>In this interview about her new book, "Blue Covenant," Maude Barlow argues that current and future shortages of fresh water aren't the result of drought, but rather the massive overuse, abuse and mismanagement of water sources.</p>
Feb 15, 2008   AlterNet
<p>Concerns over environmental abuse may block a river access plan in south central Kansas.</p>
Feb 15, 2008   Wichita Eagle
<p>Private individuals, investors and charities are buying up environmentally sensitive land all over the world for preservation, but this article wonders whether this method is really such a good idea.</p>
Feb 14, 2008   The Guardian
<p>California officials are proposing a broad swath of protected marine areas -- a plan that aims to reduce fishing and allow marine populations to flourish longer before being caught for consumption.</p>
Feb 14, 2008   The Sacramento Bee
<p>Lake Mead -- a major water source for the western United States -- could go dry by 2021, according to a new report.</p>
Feb 13, 2008   The Arizona Republic
<p>Lawmakers in Georgia are looking to loosen water restrictions, enabling people to fill their swimming pools and water their plants despite a statewide drought.</p>
Feb 12, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution