According to Kaid Benfield of the Natural Resource Defense Council, the best way to save our natural wonders is by living and investing in cities.
5 days ago   NRDC Switchboard
<p>This article from <em>Orion</em> looks at an "urban wilderness" in Brooklyn that is being reclaimed and reused by locals.</p>
Apr 3, 2008   Orion
<p>Federal and state environmental guidelines have been waived by the Federal government to fast-track construction of nearly 700 miles of fencing along the U.S. Mexico Border.</p>
Apr 3, 2008   The Los Angeles Times
<p>A new book from Landscape Architect Professor Carl Smith provides designers with an easy-to-use checklist for building sustainable housing.</p>
Apr 2, 2008   University of Arkansas
<p>As cities get serious about addressing climate change, a new city position -- the sustainability director -- is taking office all over the country.</p>
Apr 1, 2008   Governing
<p>Climate change will probably be pretty devastating for coastal Alaska, but it could also bring a boom to the area's economy, according to a recent report.</p>
Mar 31, 2008   Juneau Empire
<p>This article looks at what could happen if Nevada's reservoir Lake Mead actually does dry up by 2021 as some scientists have predicted.</p>
Mar 31, 2008   The Alternative Consumer, via Environmental News Network
<p>The Navajo Nation has announced plans to build wind turbines and generate electricity in the windy high mesas of Northern Arizona.</p>
Mar 31, 2008   The Arizona Republic
<p>Is CO2 buildup responsible for the enormous hurricane damage, or is it overdevelopment? Should we be spending so much attempting to reduce carbon emissions, or could it be better spent reducing problems that will be exacerbated by global warming?</p>
Mar 29, 2008   The Los Angeles Times
<p>This <em>Onion TV</em> news segment highlights Chinese pride in the country's status as the world's top producer of air pollution</p>
Mar 28, 2008   The Onion
<p>A groundbreaking deal recognizing the economic value of intact forests will not only preserve a million acres of rainforest in Guyana but establish a precedent for future such arrangements.</p>
Mar 28, 2008   The Independent (UK)