The sudden collapse of the coal industry has been as swift as it has been shocking.
9 hours ago   Billings Gazette
DeLuca Homes planned to build condos in Bucks County, PA- until the bottom fell out of the market. Now they're one of many developers cutting deals with governments to create open space.
Jan 28, 2009   Center for Public Integrity
"Level of service" is a ranking used by transportation engineers to assess the performance of roads. Streetsblog argues that LOS distorts the development of mobility infrastructure by prioritizing cars over people.
Jan 27, 2009   StreetsBlog-SF
A proposal for a comprehensive green stimulus plan, backed by a powerful group of environmentalists, unions, and associations, was submitted to Canada's Prime Minister Harper last week.
Jan 27, 2009   The Tyee
In a move that will disappoint auto manufacturers and labor but was met with great applause by the environmental community, Obama has taken the first step to granting CA's request for a waiver so it can set its own, stricter emission standards.
Jan 27, 2009   CNN Politics
Light reflecting from streets and glass buildings in cities have been found in a recent study to disrupt animal behavior.
Jan 25, 2009   BBC
Boise's degrading air quality and the fear it may lead to a loss in federal transportation funding is causing local governments to improve public transit options to get commuters out of their cars. The alternative, smog testing of cars, is resisted.
Jan 24, 2009   The New York Times
Architects form the University of British Columbia are calling on cities to "go wild" -- mainly by integrating ecological features into the cityscape to make it more self-contained. The result would be both sustainable and exciting, they say.
Jan 24, 2009   The Tyee
Need a sustainable slogan to show your green cred? Look no further than Building Magazine's Sustainability Buzzword Generator.
Jan 23, 2009   Building
2008 saw one of the greatest number of deaths worldwide from natural disasters. Factors contributing to the high number of deaths include extreme weather brought about by climate change, as well as rapid urbanization in vulnerable areas.
Jan 23, 2009   The Globe and Mail
Plans to scrape hundreds of thousands of acres of the Mojave Desert for solar panel installations may endanger wildlife and are pitting environmentalists against each other.
Jan 23, 2009   Salon.com