Ambitious Effort to Urbanize India

The Indian government is betting big with simultaneously building a massive high speed freight corridor between Delhi & Mumbai as well the physical infrastructure for 24 new cities that will become an industrial corridor.

Reporter Jason Overdorf talks with the man who is tasked with implementing the plan, "super-bureaucrat" Amitabh Kant:

"This in many ways marks a paradigm shift in India's thinking on infrastructure," Kant said in an interview with GlobalPost. "It marks
a paradigm shift in India's thinking on manufacturing. It marks a paradigm shift in India's thinking on urbanization."

A new high-speed rail line will be at the center of the plan, connecting the cities into a corridor of industry.

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Full Story: The Futurists: Turning India's farms into factories



Urbanizing India: Turning India's farms into factories

Prakash M. Apte
Urban Development Consultant

These armchair theoretical urbanists will lead India into chaos and ruin by their unbridled enthusiasm for urbanization as if it were the panacea for all the ills of a poor nation. They are totally ignorant or blind to the real reasons for poverty embedded in the faulty economic policies that have and continue to ignore the real reasons for rural non-development and poverty. Despite the TV channels showing the abject poverty and destitution in heart renting visuals these urban "experts" are either imbeciles or blind to the realities comfortably housed in their air conditioned homes. What India needs is less urbanization and more rural uplift not through urban oriented approaches but through the Gandhian principles of village centric development of the country

Rural Uplift through Urban oriented approaches

Mr. Apte

What in your opinion would be a linchpin policy that could see rural India becoming more urbanized? I have similar concerns that with the advent of the PPP mantra, small towns and villages will be shortchanged evermore.

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