European Study: Cycling, Not Electric Cars Are Key To Emissions Reduction

Emissions would be reduced 25% if Europeans adopted the Danish cycling habit, a new study reports. The ECF warns politicians it would be a mistake to invest heavily in technological solutions like electric cars.

If European Union nations adopted the Danish cycling habit, the EU would meet its Kyoto Treaty emissions goals, according to a new study by the European Cycling Federation. Easier said than pedaled.

Danes average 600 miles per year, the "EU average is just under 120 miles per person per year, while in the UK it is a mere 46 miles, less than 8% of that in Denmark."

According the study, there are "21g of carbon emissions per passenger kilometre travelled for a bike (22g for electric-assisted bike), as against 271g for people in a car and 101g for a bus," according to "Julian Ferguson of the ECF, one of the report's authors."

The ECF is urging politicians to focus less on technologically complex solutions to emissions, such as electric cars, and instead think about the potential for increased cycling, especially given that around a third of motorised journeys within the EU are 1.25 miles or less..."

"Things like e-cars will need a massive investment in new infrastructure. But that's almost part of the problem. Politicians like having those massive, awe-inspiring projects", warned Ferguson.

Thanks to Alan Drake

Full Story: Cycle like the Danes to cut carbon emissions, says study


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