September 4, 2007, 12pm PDT
<p>In this article from <em>The Toronto Star</em>, Wendell Cox looks at the "draconian" land use restrictions that have been imposed by planners in Toronto, and how despite planners bemoaning auto-dependency, no one has offered a viable transit plan.</p>
The Toronto Star
August 14, 2007, 12pm PDT
<p>More than $83 million will be slashed from Toronto's annual budget, and many, including the mayor, predict a sharp cut to services and the city's general quality of life.</p>
The Toronto Star
August 11, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>Car-oriented sloping sidewalks are upsetting pedestrians in Toronto, and they have called on politicians to look for a way to give the city's sidewalks back to walkers.</p>
The Toronto Star
August 10, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>The city of Toronto originally had more park space than New York's Central Park. But the need to generate revenue caused the city to sell off much of its parkspace over the years, leaving a city with comparably few open spaces.</p>
The Toronto Star
July 30, 2007, 6am PDT
<p>With private home development crowding many of the waterfront areas next to Lake Ontario in Toronto, locals and parks advocates are left with few access options.</p>
The Toronto Star
July 22, 2007, 9am PDT
<p>Politicians in Toronto are looking to large-scale developments centered around casinos to help boost the city's economy. But the provincial legislation in Ontario may prevent the approval of any new casinos.</p>
The Toronto Star
July 11, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>Florida is moving to Toronto, a city that ranks high on his own Creativity Index, to teach at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management.</p>
The Globe and Mail
May 17, 2007, 9am PDT
<p>Ambitious plans for a new neighborhood on 2,400 acres of polluted lakefront are underway near downtown Toronto.</p>
Business Week
April 22, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>Amid recent talk amongst Canadian officials about the future of Canada's capital city, Ottawa, some say the government city is too square to become an international destination. But others see a way for Ottawa to "swagger".</p>
The Ottawa Citizen
April 6, 2007, 6am PDT
<p>A bid is up for new street furniture in Toronto. Three firms have submitted their proposals for innovative street furniture, public restrooms, and bus stops. Some of the designs can be seen in this slideshow.</p>
The Globe and Mail
March 30, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>New data suggests that demand for smoke-free apartment buildings is increasing, and landlords who ban smoking can expect a positive impact on business.</p>
Multi-Housing News
March 16, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>The city of Toronto plans to devote dedicated lanes to some of the city's major light rail routes. The project was promised in the mayor's re-election campaign and is expected to cost more than $2 billion.</p>
The Globe and Mail
February 21, 2007, 7am PST
<p>The future of Ontario is looking a lot greener and much more dense, as local officials tout recent legislative changes that they expect to drastically reshape the city in the next 25 years.</p>
The Toronto Star
February 13, 2007, 9am PST
<p>In Toronto, two opportunities to breathe life into the forgotten corners of the city.</p>
January 22, 2007, 9am PST
<p>Toronto, Ontario, is on its way to meeting a goal of adding 500,000 residents by 2031. Many see the dense growth as a positive move for Canada's most populous city, but trading sprawl for compact growth is creating strain on its infrastructure.</p>
The Toronto Star
January 2, 2007, 1pm PST
<p>Many in Toronto are hoping that this year's groundbreaking on the new Lake Ontario Park will help to create a new identity for the city. The park's designer is confident that it will.</p>
The Globe and Mail
December 21, 2006, 8am PST
<p>The American Planning Association has recognized the Ontario "Places to Grow" initiative with a 2007 Daniel Burnham award, the first time the honor has gone to a Canadian region.</p>
CNW Group
December 14, 2006, 2pm PST
<p>With the city's planning and zoning rules outdated and elected officials often catering to the interests of developers or NIMBYs, many decry Toronto's "let's-make-a-deal" planning.</p>
The Toronto Star
November 29, 2006, 6am PST
<p>A new Canadian company has matched GPS-coordinated street-level camcorder shots of Toronto with mapping software to enable a real-life horizontal view of any coordinate, allowing users to preview a destination before visiting.</p>
The Globe and Mail
November 3, 2006, 1pm PST
<p>This opinion piece from the <em>Toronto Star</em> looks at how the organizational operation of Toronto is preventing it from becoming a more urban city.</p>
The Toronto Star