The Project for Public Spaces celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, spanning a seismic shift from modernist planning and urban decay of the 1970s to the urban resurgence and focus on smart growth of today. PPS's Ethan Kent reflects.
21 hours ago   Policy Innovations
<p>With the increasing adoption of eco-friendly design and construction practices, green building is becoming all the rage.</p>
Jan 4, 2007   E/The Environmental Magazine
<p>A major plan to renovate the New-York Historical Society has antagonized neighbors and preservationists in this upper west-side neighborhood, as the Society's plan also includes a 23-story apartment tower in a low rise neighborhood.</p>
Jan 3, 2007   The New York Times
<p>Curbed Los Angeles names its hysterical 2006 winners for "The NIMBY Award", "Dumbest Planning Scheme", "Broker Boys &amp; Babes Awards", and our favorites, the "Most Horrendous McMansion of the Year" and the "Worst Garagemahal."</p>
Jan 1, 2007   Curbed Los Angeles
<p>Cities are increasing considering rooftop gardens to bring nature back to urban areas.</p>
Dec 29, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
<p>A 60s-era motel lobby is getting the star treatment from local preservationists eager to save a piece of the city's former glory.</p>
Dec 29, 2006   The Chicago Tribune
<p>A new study seeks to understand what cultivates public interaction on the steps of Brooklyn's famed brownstones.</p>
Dec 29, 2006   The Brooklyn Papers
<p>One Los Angeles-based architecture firm is helping cities and organizations communicate their brand identity through buildings.</p>
Dec 27, 2006   Business Week
<p>A new report from <em>The Classical City</em>, a journal dedicated to preserving St. Petersburg, Russia, describes the destructive effects of the city's new plan and calls for architecture that is consistent with the city's character.</p>
Dec 23, 2006   The Classical City
<p>Boston is set to become the first city in the nation to impose a strict set of green building standards on all new development in the city. The requirements will take effect in January and affect buildings 50,000 square feet and larger.</p>
Dec 21, 2006   The Boston Globe
<p>Sustainable design was the trend of the year for 2006, according to Businessweek.</p>
Dec 20, 2006   BusinessWeek