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Diana is a contributing editor to Planetizen.
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Diana is a writer and urbanist passionate about public space and memory, neighborhoods, and transportation equity. She started the Motor Avenue Farmers' Market and worked as a transportation planner in the bike share industry before joining Planetizen as contributing editor.
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3 hours ago
Seeking repeal of the Faircloth Amendment could be a needless distraction in the new administration's efforts to create more affordable housing, according to an article by Jenny Schuetz for the Brookings Intitution.
Brookings Institution
8 hours ago
Traffic from the area's booming distribution centers is damaging local roads and causing concern among residents.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
9 hours ago
As climate change intensifies, Detroit could see more devastating floods and deadlier heat waves.
Planet Detroit
Musk claims the tunnels could ease traffic and "be an example to the world," but experts caution that underground work in Miami is expensive and unpredictable.
Cities with commuter rail stops will have to accommodate higher-density housing or risk losing access to state resources and housing grants.
The Boston Globe
2 days ago
A real estate group claims the city has been denying and delaying ADU permits in violation of city and state laws.
San Diego Union-Tribune
2 days ago
Anticipating the opening of two new stations in 2024, the Seattle Department of Transportation released a study prioritizing bike infrastructure in the surrounding areas.
Seattle Bike Blog
3 days ago
Despite the purported exodus of untethered Silicon Valley workers from the Bay Area, rents in the city are still the highest in the United States.
The Guardian
5 days ago
Santa Clara County cities rebel against the agency's proposed plan to spend most of the Measure B funds on a Silicon Valley BART extension.
The Mercury News
6 days ago
Transforming suburban sprawl is a massive undertaking, but these small steps can help communities understand their needs and assets and develop clear, actionable goals for the future.