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Diana is a contributing editor to Planetizen.
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Diana is a writer and urbanist passionate about public space and memory, neighborhoods, and transportation equity. She started the Motor Avenue Farmers' Market and worked as a transportation planner in the bike share industry before joining Planetizen as contributing editor.
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12 hours ago
The proposal would hold builders accountable for damage incurred to adjacent homes as historic rowhouse properties see increased redevelopment.
Philadelphia News
The intense competition in today's housing market means more people might have to settle for rental housing.
Communities along the corridor have fought expansion for decades, citing air quality and displacement concerns. Now, the agency says it's time to rethink the project.
LA Streetsblog
The agency has acquired 65 acres of properties reserved for affordable housing and job creation.
Urbanize Atlanta
3 days ago
Highway expansion has been shown, time and again, to increase traffic and congestion. Cities are finally getting the message.
4 days ago
A new real estate investment fund wants to help music venue owners buy their properties and stay in business as the pandemic and market forces decimate their earnings.
Next City
5 days ago
While autonomous vehicles still face regulatory and technical challenges, investment in basic transportation infrastructure like buses and bike lanes can go a long way toward improving safety and taking cars off the road.
The New Republic
5 days ago
Billed as a "bridge replacement," the latest iteration of the Columbia River Crossing project is a costly expansion that will impose new tolls and cost upwards of $5 billion, according to an article by Joe Cortright.
City Observatory City Commentary
5 days ago
The program, which gives tax credits to investors, has resulted in added jobs, increased incomes, and low rates of displacement.
Next City
5 days ago
Expanding wealth inequality has contributed to the explosive growth of "dollar store" retailers.