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James is the managing editor of Planetizen.
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James Brasuell is a writer and editor, producing web, print, and video content on the subjects of planning, urbanism, and mobility. James has managed all editorial content and direction for Planetizen since 2014. After a first career as a class five white water river guide in Trinity County in Northern California, James started his career in Los Angeles as a volunteer at a risk reduction center in Skid Row. Prior to joining Planetizen, James worked at the Cal Poly Pomona College of Environmental Design, as an editor at Curbed LA, as editor of The Planning Report, and as a freelance contributor for The Architect’s Newspaper, the Urban Land Institute – Los Angeles Chapter, FORM, KCET, and the California Planning & Development Report.

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10 hours ago
Two new reports confirm the racial disparities of traffic violence in the United States, revealing more proof of who got to stay home during the pandemic, and who was forced to navigate the risks of the pandemic in public.
CNN Business
12 hours ago
Neighborhood opposition overwhelmed a plan to reduce the number of vehicles lanes on North Central Avenue to make space for a new bike lane, despite evidence of the benefits of the proposed street reconfiguration.
Phoenix New Times
13 hours ago
The reasons for a ten-month moratorium on gas station development in the city of Rancho Cucamonga portend a major shift in transportation and land use priorities in the near future.
Daily Bulletin
16 hours ago
Central Park Tower, coming soon to New York City's "Billionaires' Row" was designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill architecture.
New attention for a plan to greatly expand Amtrak service in dozens of cities and regions around the United States.
The Washington Post
2 days ago
On a holiday that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, the White House marked the occasion by discussion exclusionary zoning.
2 days ago
Mounting a tandem bike to the front of a Honda to generate the power to operate the car has never looked so fun.
Life OD via YouTube
4 days ago
A new map of Virginia illustrates the stark contrasts in pollution burdens depending on location.
The Virginia Mercury
5 days ago
New data technology has made it possible to measure transit equity in ways that were impossible before. TransitCenter is making good use of the new capabilities.
5 days ago
The center of commercial gravity will be located a little to the east in Austin after two six-story office buildings are complete.
Urbanize Austin