Buckminster Fuller

December 4, 2011, 9am PST
One of the few remaining prototypes for Buckminster Fuller's "autonomous dwelling machine" - a 24 ft geodesic dome - has been restored and is on view now in Miami's Design District.
The Art Newspaper
November 13, 2011, 9am PST
25 miles east of Cleveland you'll find a futuristic-looking office building featuring a gigantic geodesic dome. Metropolis Magazine looks at the building's history and the preservation efforts that recently restored it.
July 30, 2011, 1pm PDT
Before there were "smart cities", there was R. Buckminster Fuller.
The New York Times
March 21, 2011, 11am PDT
Architect Norman Foster, who worked with Buckminster Fuller towards the end of his life, recently rebuilt Fuller's Dymaxion Car to exacting specifications. Metropolis Magazine interviewed Foster about what we can still learn from the Dymaxion design.
Metropolis Magazine
December 1, 2010, 6am PST
Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome housing design is a popular form of housing at the temporary festival Burning Man. But why hasn't a good idea caught on in the mainstream?
October 2, 2009, 7am PDT
A new iPhone App/public art experience allows the user to take a stroll through New York City and 'see' visionary buildings that never got built, ranging from Buckminster Fuller's dome to Antoni Gaudi's cathedral.
May 11, 2009, 12pm PDT
The results are in for the Annual Buckminster Fuller Design Challenge. The winning designs include robo-scooters, biocentres, and a "future map".
Seed Magazine
March 2, 2009, 1pm PST
The Buckminster Fuller Institute has announced the 33 finalists in its Buckminster Fuller Challenge. All contest entries are featured on their website, ranging from an 'Urban Space Station' to an idea for 'making energy from dirt'.
The Buckminster Fuller Institute