RFP for Parking Study and Code Updates

Town of Gilbert, Arizona
Tuesday August 30, 2022

The Town of Gilbert, Arizona, is among the fastest growing and most dynamic communities in the Southwest, adding over 170,000 new residents and tens of thousands of new jobs in under 20 years. The Town of Gilbert is entering a new era of urban growth, transitioning from rapid greenfield development and a role as a "bedroom community" to more diverse model of urban development. Unfortunately, the parking standards within the Town Land Development Code (LDC) continue to create constraints on the Town's efforts to promote financially and environmentally sustainable land use and transportation patterns. 

The Town is launching an RFP to recruit qualified consultants to support ongoing improvements to parking codes within the Town Land Development Code (LDC). The Town is seeking to work with consultants to identify shortcomings in the existing LDC and provide professional guidance and best practices in the following areas: 

  • "Rightsizing" parking requirements for various uses in Town LDC
  • Developing processes for appealing parking requirements and creating parking deviations to better support mixed-use development and sustainable site planning 
  • Identifying necessary Code provisions and best practices for implementing electric vehicle parking 
  • Identifying practices for supporting the implementation of rideshare parking spaces and parking for other emerging transportation services 
  • Providing illustrations to ensure public understanding of new recommended Code provisions

Consultants shall provide recommendations and sample parking code provisions which may be implemented into the Town Land Development Code. Town is eager to support proposals which demonstrate a commitment to sustainable land use planning and unique approaches to parking management and planning. 

All proposals are to be submitted no later than August 30, 2022 at 3:00pm Mountain Standard Time (MST). 

Please visit the Town RFP site for more information and to view requirements for all submittals: https://www.gilbertaz.gov/Home/Components/RFP/RFP/1785/155

Posted August 2, 2022

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