Seeking Qualified Proposals for Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulations

City of Jenks
Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Jenks, OK
United States

The City of Jenks, Oklahoma, is soliciting proposals from qualified consulting firms to review and revise its current 2015-2025 Comprehensive Plan, 2012 Zoning Code, and 1982 Subdivision Regulations, and to submit documentation substantiating their qualifications to perform the services required.

Proposals will be received until October 31, 2018, 4:00 p.m. CST, in the City of Jenks Planning Department, 211 North Elm Street, Jenks, Oklahoma 74037.

The selected consulting firms will have experience in visioning leadership, community development, comprehensive planning and policy, land use planning, transportation planning, urban design, demographic and economic analysis, sustainability, mapping, citizen outreach, and citizen participation.

The selected firms will also have expertise in developing modern land use regulatory tools and design criteria that align with a contemporary comprehensive plan and vision for the City of Jenks.

The selected consultant(s) will be well versed in conventional planning and land use regulations, as well as Smart Growth/ New Urbanism and, will have tested ideas about the conservative integration of progressive planning principles and regulatory methods into a conventional, low-density suburban environment.

The purpose of this project is to develop a progressive vision of the future for the City of Jenks. It will create strategies, implementation plans, and regulatory tools to enhance its economic sustainability while recognizing and supporting its suburban heritage.

Project Schedule

The final schedule will be determined with input from the consulting team during negotiations for the professional agreement. The anticipated schedule is as follows:

RFP issued September 2018

Proposals due October 31, 2018

Consultant selection completed December 2018

Contract approved by City Council January 2019

Authorization to Proceed February 2019

Anticipated Plan adoption March-April 2020

Obtain Full RFP Here

Community Background

Jenks is a suburban city in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area; located southwest side of Tulsa in Tulsa County. Population 23,000; fence line area 21 square miles; incorporated area 17 square miles; fence line abutted on all sides by cities of Bixby, Glenpool, Sapulpa, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Approximately 6.5 square miles of open, developable land. Approximately 3.5 square miles is 100-year floodplain with little to no development potential. Levee system, nearly five miles long, around original town area; managed by Tulsa County.

Median age of 33.9 years. 95.6% high school graduates or higher; 45% bachelor’s degree or higher. Median household income $88,521. Individuals below poverty level 4.1%. Total housing units 7,225.

Two highway corridors:

The Creek Turnpike (HWY 364) runs east-west, connecting Jenks with southeast Tulsa to the east and U.S. 75 and Interstate 44 to the west. One entrance and exit point in Jenks at South Elm Place; commercial development has occurred around this juncture. The Turnpike has created a barrier between the core city and low density single-family residential subdivisions to the south.

U.S. 75 runs north-south about a mile east of the city’s western boundaries, with access points at several locations and the interchange with the Creek Turnpike. U.S. 75 also creates a barrier separating the western portion of Jenks from the majority of the City.

New development is occurring along the U.S. 75 corridor with a major regional box store project located in Tulsa about a mile north of Jenks. Four miles to the south is emerging commercial development, anchored by a new Walmart in Glenpool. Jenks occupies most of the five-mile span between those growth areas in which office, industrial, and multifamily projects are under construction or recently completed.

There is a regional airport operated by the city of Tulsa, located north of and adjacent to the northern boundary of Jenks. It is easily accessible to Jenks residents. Tulsa International Airport is located in north-central Tulsa, approximately a 30-minute drive from Jenks. The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority operates buses throughout the Tulsa area on limited routes and schedules, serving Tulsa and adjacent cities. There is a single railroad bisecting Jenks from northwest to southeast with limited daily freight traffic. There is no passenger train service.

The City of Jenks purchases treated drinking water from the City of Tulsa. In some areas within the city limits, water supply is provided through a rural water district. Wastewater treatment is by a city-owned facility which is contract operated.

The City of Jenks has two public school districts within its boundaries: Jenks and Bixby. Bixby School District serves the most southerly part of the city. Jenks School District serves the majority of Jenks and extends into areas of South and West Tulsa. Jenks Public Schools is known and sought after for its diverse curriculum, the variety of opportunities provided to students in all grades, and its high level of student participation in arts, activities, and athletics. One of the reasons for the successful and vibrant growth of the City of Jenks has been the quality of the public school districts in this area.

The City of Jenks has three major manufacturing companies providing local and regional employment. Additionally, Jenks is the corporate headquarters for two professional services employers, one represented across northeastern Oklahoma and the other with locations in 39 states. Jenks is home to the Oklahoma Aquarium, a top tourist attraction in Oklahoma and known nationwide. Successful growth in Jenks is the result of close partnerships with the Jenks Chamber of Commerce and the City of Jenks. This close relationship has resulted in impressive, quality development in Jenks.

Being part of the Tulsa Metropolitan Area, the City of Jenks is provided with enrichment opportunities in cultural and institutional facilities, higher education, quality employment, and access to the greater metropolitan area amenities. Jenks is known in the region to be one of the safest and happiest living places while providing the best and most desirable quality of life to its residents.

Striving to build a desirable community, diversify its growth opportunities, and reimagine its traditional core areas, the City is excited to begin this process of visioning and policy development.

Obtain Full RFP Here

Published on:
September 28, 2018 - 9:21am
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