Join Jan Gehl on a study tour to Melbourne 12-15 March 2013


Date: March 12-15, 2013
Location: Melbourne 

Join IFHP and world famous architects Jan Gehl on a unique study tour to Melbourne on 12-15 March 2013 and get an introduction to the city by Robert Doyle, Lord Mayor, Rob Adams, Director of City Design, Rob Moore, Manager, Urban Design and other prominent people.

The focus of the study tour is liveability, sustainability and the strategic planning of Melbourne.

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Over the past decade Melbourne has experienced an urban renaissance through a transformation of public places, streets and laneways that has made Melbourne more attractive than most other city centers found worldwide. Melbourne is an ongoing case study of a successful city transformation, seldom seen for any city in such a short period of time. Transformation like these do not accidently occure but are the result of creative thinking, implementation of urban design strategies and individual initiatives. All of which brought back the city life. The lively laneways and urban spaces full of hidden secrets make Melbourne a wonderful city for people and a city worth exploring.

The study tour to Melbourne is your opportunity to learn from significant strategic results and experiences as well as to meet the people behind the change. Experience how Melbourne has transformed from a sprawling and car-dominated city to a charming, lively and diverse metropolis. Get inspiration and critical perspectives on its future challenges. Visit Melbourne’s inner city districts and suburbs and gain insight into the conversion of industrial sites and buildings. And learn about Melbourne’s management of population growth, climate resilience and urban footprint initiatives.

The study tour is held in relation to an IFHP lecture in Melbourne by world famous architect Jan Gehl who has been a significant player in Melbourne’s strategic thinking and planning. The study tour participants will also get the opportunity to follow Professor Gehl on a guided tour of Melbourne and participate in an executive roundtable discussion featuring Jan Gehl, Rob Adams (city architect, Melbourne) and Hugh Nicholson (principal urban advisor, Christchurch). 

City planners, housing professionals and urban designers from all over the world dealing with urban development, sustainable planning and housing issues.

€ 520.00 IFHP members
€ 600.00 Non IFHP members - Become a IFHP member here (free of charge)
The study tour is a not-for-profit IFHP event.

There will be a maximum of only 30 participants allowed to attend this special IFHP centenary activity. Do not hesitate and register as soon as possible.

Visit for programme, hotel information and to REGISTER. 

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