Does Change Set Your Organization into a Tailspin?

Does Change Set Your Organization into a Tailspin?

International Economic Development Council

The International Economic Development Council's Annual Conference is the premiere 2008 conference for the economic development industry. Last year, over 1300 people attended the Annual Conference in Phoenix to network, discover new tools and services, and share lessons learned. Focusing on the booming world population, this conference will have industry leaders breaking down the current issues and new models essential for communities looking to capture the growth brought by the next billion. A conference like this only happens once a year – don't miss out!

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Does Change Set Your Organization into a Tailspin?
Learn Techniques for Smooth Sailing with the "Flexibility & Agility" Program Track

The job of an economic developer is to create an atmosphere that fosters economic viability and job growth. Success is dependent upon the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. What works today may be obsolete in the future. It's not just a matter of reacting to change, but rather, anticipating change.

Through a series of 5 sessions in the "Flexibility & Agility" conference track, we will show you how your organization can position itself to move smoothly through the challenges of an ever-changing landscape.

• Session 1: Creating Innovation-Based Economies - compare and contrast how three different states used innovation-based economic development strategies to respond to structural shifts in the economy.

• Session 2: Adapting Incentives to the Needs of a Flexible Workforce – learn how to adjust your business attraction and retention strategies to enable non-traditional employment arrangements.

• Session 3: Growing Innovative Companies Through Entrepreneurial-Friendly Environments – learn about the importance of innovators in a changing economy and review successful best practices in developing an entrepreneurial friendly environment.

• Session 4: Community Capitalism: By the Bootstraps Economic Development – learn what to do when budgets get tight and you can no longer rely on government funding for your economic development program.

• Session 5: Creating a Competitive Advantage: Leveraging Your R&D Assets - learn how to capitalize on your community's unique R&D assets and how to build a competitive advantage through partnerships.

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Posted August 1, 2008

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