Greening Cities are Best Served by Applying Sustainability in Full Measure

Greening Cities are Best Served by Applying Sustainability in Full Measure

McClure Consulting, LLC

Cities acquire an additional layer of appeal by embracing sustainability, and they can also operate more efficiently in the process. Premiums are available to participating private-sector real estate owners and developers, and returns are likely to be maximized where public and private sustainability practices are closely coordinated.

To take these rational reasons for adopting sustainability into actual policy, decision makers must consider both attitudes and applications. Sustainability can be an emotionally charged issue. What is it, and what does it mean? How can sustainability be achieved without compromising economic progress? Who needs to be involved? Sustainability in application is very synergistic by nature, and includes a host of different disciplines such as planning, architecture, urban economics, natural resources, social equity, energy, environmental quality, etc. By recognizing these interrelationships, sustainability concepts can be effectively integrated into public and private business practices.

Sustainability is also a "market" with consumer demand for "green" development, financial and fiscal returns, and premiums for developers. Values are captured through land use planning, transportation planning, site planning, and development of cultural resources, ecologically sensitive areas, and the like, and through synergistic relationships in which coordinated policies result in a package of benefits that exceeds the sum of the parts.

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Posted May 28, 2008

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