New Publication by Planning Commissioners Journal Takes a 'Closer Look' at Housing

New Publication by Planning Commissioners Journal Takes a 'Closer Look' at Housing

Planning Commissioners Journal

In a continuing effort to provide citizen planners and community activists with timely and useful information about topics of interest, the Planning Commissioners Journal (PCJ) has just released "Taking A Closer Look: Housing - Opening the Door." The Planning Commissioners Journal is a leading source of news and information for citizen planners.

Many communities are struggling to provide the kinds of housing their residents need and can afford. From multi-family housing, to community land trusts, to understanding the changing nature of the housing "consumer," this set of more than a dozen articles from the PCJ will help planning board members to better understand - and deal with - housing issues facing their communities.

Taking a Closer Look at Housing includes:

* Where Does Housing Go? -- articles on the history of single-family-only zoning, and how the relationship between land use and housing is changing.
* Housing for All -- articles on how we meet the housing needs of all segments of our community, from low and moderate income residents, to active seniors, to people with disabilities.
* Public Participation -- articles on generating public support for controversial housing developments.

Also included are thoughtful observations on NIMBY's, a look at the growing importance of homeowner associations, and innovative ideas for today's housing market.

"As a local planning commissioner, you can help your community harmonize the housing and service needs of your whole community with the specific objections of neighborhood opponents."
-- Michael Allen, Esq., from the article "Why Not in Our Back Yard?" in the "Taking a Closer Look: Housing - Opening the Door" collection.

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For more information contact:

Betsey Krumholz
Planning Commissioners Journal
P.O. Box 4295
VT 05406
United States

Phone: 802-864-9083
Email: [email protected]

Posted November 14, 2007

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