Group Facilitation Methods Training to Improve Planning and Development Process

Group Facilitation Methods Training to Improve Planning and Development Process

ICA-Sacramento Regional Consotium

For more than thirty years, ICA has pioneered group facilitation methods that foster full participation and creativity. Collectively named the Technology of Participation (ToP(R)), these techniques help you tap the combined wisdom and experience of a group to plan, solve problems or make decisions. ToP facilitation methods have been extensively researched and field-tested in settings as diverse as governmental agencies, law firms, communities, corporations and small non-profits.

Enhanced Productivity
Tired of endless meetings that leave people frustrated and exhausted? ToP training gives you practical tools to help people make rapid decisions and move to action. Rapidly strike balances between the financial (market realities), technical (infrastructure, zoning, land use)and participatory (history, human needs local values, future dreams). Develop accepted plans that can be adopted by the various stakeholders.

Increased Confidence and Skill
There's nothing worse than a group that is off course, riddled with conflict, and unable to agree. This training provides concrete steps for leading groups out of the morass. You'll also get a FREE hour of one-on-one coaching to address your specific needs.

Produce Better Results for Clients and Constituencies
Reduce time and energy spent preventing or resolving conflict.
Allow groups to discover their own motivation.
Produce visible results.
Save time and money through increased productivity.

Learn Three Proven Processes for Activating Group Participation
Focused Conversation Method
Consensus Workshop Method
Action Planning Method

Who Should Take the Course?
People who are actively involved in the leadership and facilitation of groups and teams including: planners, supervisors, executive directors, managers, professional facilitators, private consultants, training managers, educators, health practicioners, community specialists, concerned citizens and team members in high participation environments who need increased exposure to group participation methods to be effective.

Reduces time spent on conflict resolution and prevents conflicts.
Allows groups to discover their own motivation.
Gets a deepened personal commitment.
Points to visible results.
Saves time and money through increased productivity.

Group Facilitation Methods is the prerequisite for many other courses.


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ICA-Sacramento Regional Consotium
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Old Sacramento
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Posted January 19, 2005

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