'Smart Growth-Ready' Municipalities Sought by Investors Through Affiliated Trade Association

'Smart Growth-Ready' Municipalities Sought by Investors Through Affiliated Trade Association

National Town Builders Association

The National Town Builders Association (a 501c6 non-profit) hosted two "LIVING* City Forums" that have resulted in a series of investment proposals to the respective municipalities by different town builders**.

The first was in Prince George's County in 2001, the latter was West Palm Beach last month. We are working with the American Planning Association and International City/County Management Association to identify cities for future forums, up to one a month.

If you either work for, represent, or know of a municipality that is indeed seeking Smart Growth private sector investment, please contact me at
[email protected] if it follows most of the following criteria, as we would be interested in hosting a forum with the APA and ICMA, with our role being to
attract private sector investors for your Smart Growth/NU plan.

1. Place-Making (New Urbanism)

Does the municipality have what is considered a Smart Growth/NU code?

Is the permit system fast-tracked for Smart Growth/NU development?

Are there quality sites available for Smart Growth/NU development?

2. Economic Development

Is the municipality (or region or state) willing to partner financially with the private sector to share in the investment/returns? (eg parking garages, econ. dev. plans)

Is the land not already hyper-inflated (land is priced at its potential, not at is current value) where mixed-income housing becomes impossible without heavy subsidy?

Is there an economic development strategy to attract high-growth jobs to be integrated into the Smart Growth/NU development?

3. Community Building

Is there a plan to attract quality schools, recreational facilities, churches and parks?

Are there incentives to attract a significant amount of Mom & Pop tenants?

Is there a job training program?

Thank you,

Neil Takemoto

National Town Builders Association



[email protected]

*Landmark Investment Via Incentives, New codes and Governance"

**town builders - the next generation of town founders that follow the principles of New Urbanism, and more

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For more information contact:

Neil Takemoto
National Town Builders Association
1400 16th St NW Suite 715
DC 20036

Phone: 202.518.6300
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.ntba.net

Posted June 19, 2002

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