2002 Greyfields Summit: Urban Renewal and Redevelopment Through Adaptive Reuse

2002 Greyfields Summit: Urban Renewal and Redevelopment Through Adaptive Reuse

The Performance Institute

Accross the nation, state and local governments continue to fight against sprawl and urban degradation, while promoting community development goals. Greyfield redevelopment can be a powerful tool in improving the economic outlook, environmental health, and social quality of your community. The key to Greyfield redevelopment is taking old, obsolete and non-profitable retail sites that have fallen into disrepair, and adapting these sites to fit the growing needs of the community around them. Greyfield sites sit on valuable land and if a concerted effort is made to adapt them, they can become the new hub of a community, bringing along jobs and economic revitalization to once depressed areas. Please join us at this landmark event in West Palm Beach, FL on June 14-26, 2002. Please call James Lewis at 703-519-6270 for more information and a complete agenda!

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For more information contact:

James Lewis
The Performance Institute
311 N Washington Street #200
VA 22314

Phone: 703-519-6270
Fax: 703-519-6271
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.performanceweb.org

Posted March 20, 2002

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