Is Outsourcing Waste Management Necessary?

Despite apparent problems at a biosolids processing facility in Philadelphia, employees maintain that the place is safe and should continue operation.
March 31, 2006, 10am PST | David Gest
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"Every day, compost specialist Michael Keough shovels sludge at the processing facility that makes everyone driving into the city on I-95 roll up their windows and wonder just what that stench is. Although neighbors and environmentalists insist the biosolids he stands in are toxic, Keough says the job he's held for 18 years has never aggravated his asthma or caused other health problems."

"While the city boasts that outsourcing would save millions, quell environmental concerns and eliminate noxious odors, employees counter that it would cost taxpayers more money, hurt the environment and address a harmless odor."

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Published on Thursday, March 30, 2006 in Philadelphia City Paper
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