The Battle Against More Density In Westside Of Los Angeles

The already dense Westside of Los Angeles, from Westood to Santa Monica continues to densify at a dizzying rate. Residents prepare for a protracted battle to keep growth at bay. Has planning failed one of LA's most desirable communities?
September 23, 2005, 1pm PDT | Brenda Meyer
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"The Westside is in the midst of one of its biggest building spurts in decades, heightening concerns of residents and community leaders that the area has reached saturation and that its clogged roads cannot tolerate further intense development.

...The battles over development are really less an issue of growth vs. no growth," Smith added. 'They're an issue of: Have we engaged in meaningful local and regional planning? The answer to that is no. Every one of these fights we're seeing over specific projects is indicative of the breakdown in the broader planning process.'

For years, the Westside has suffered from this lack of planning as workers commute great distances to jobs in Century City, Westwood and Santa Monica. The San Diego Freeway is among the nation's busiest, many Westside surface streets suffer from daylong gridlock, and several key intersections warrant a grade of F, the worst possible."

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Published on Friday, September 23, 2005 in The Los Angeles Times
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