Waste Not, Want Not

The Arcada, California water filtration facility is a miracle of wastemanagement.
July 15, 2000, 5am PDT | Laura Kraft
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Arcada, California is the proud home to an integrated water filtration systemdesigned to act as a wetland ecosystem. The treatment facility not onlyprovides exceptionally clean water to be returned to the nearby Humboldt Bay,it also provides, in its intermediary phases, a home to local wildlife andresources with which to operate fish hatcheries and aquaculture. Operatingthrough a series of steps ranging from clarifying tanks to oxidation ponds totreatment marshes, virtually every facet of the waste is utilized in one way oranother. The Environmental Engineering Department at Humbolt State Universityhelped with the design and execution of the plant and is hosting a conferencethis month to discuss the use of wetlands in waste management.

Thanks to Laura Krafft

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Published on Monday, July 3, 2000 in Neighborhood America.com
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