Highways Becoming Parking Lots

Complete highway standstills - over three hours in length - have British transportation officials scrambling to help.
October 25, 2003, 11am PDT | David Gest
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"Special units of emergency staff with life-saving equipment are to be created to deal with potential gridlock on Britain's roads. Amid rising concern about growing congestion throughout the country, transport officials fear that a whole city or trunk route could seize up - leaving drivers stranded in their cars...[aid would include] emergency medical help, water supplies and portable lavatories...Gridlock in African cities such as Lagos in Nigeria is common, and drivers often abandon their cars. British experts fear the phenomenon could strike here as congestion is set to worsen by 20 per cent in the next decade...[the] first priority was to get traffic moving again...[including] the potentially dangerous practice of turning vehicles around on motorways if necessary."

Thanks to David Gest

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Published on Sunday, October 19, 2003 in The Observer
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