Researchers in the Behavioral Science Institute at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands produced evidence that movies like Fast and the Furious influence the driving of young people.
6 days ago   Pacific Standard
According to this piece from CivSource, US cities have fallen considerably behind other developed world cities when it comes to broadband accessibility. The influence of private sector "incumbents" is to blame, writes the author.
Jul 15, 2011   CivSource
New playground designs are shaking up public parks around the world. So long, slides, hello interpretive playscapes.
Jul 12, 2011   Dwell
The sometimes decades-long gap between cause and effect makes it difficult to reverse long-standing transportation & planning policies, says Ben Brown.
Jul 11, 2011   PlaceShakers
Hong Kong and Singapore experienced a double-digit growth in the housing market. And so did Ireland - albeit in the opposite direction. In the U.S., prices dropped about 5% from last year. What gives?
Jul 11, 2011   The Economist
Making urban data available is important, but not as important as presenting that data in a digestible way, according to this piece from <em>Change Observer</em>.
Jul 10, 2011   Change Observer
Utopian developments often fail. This post from <em>The Awl</em> ranks the best and most desirable of the failed utopias throughout history.
Jul 10, 2011   The Awl
The emergent urbanism of informal settlements has posed problems to governments in the Third World, and some are looking to address equality issues by issuing land titles. But one approach skips the titles and focuses on simple zoning.
Jul 10, 2011   Old Urbanist
New parks -- even very small ones -- can have a major impact on the way cities and communities are revitalized, according to this post.
Jul 9, 2011   Planet Forward
This post from <em>The Urbanophile</em> highlights some of the best videos focused on cities.
Jul 9, 2011   The Urbanophile
Leading urban thinkers weigh-in on a debate of the merits of European and US approaches to urban planning, with a specific focus on the place of automobiles in cities. Ed Glaeser, Ellen Dunham-Jones, and Sam Staley are among the contributors.
Jul 8, 2011   The New York Times