Gensler, along with partners in China, is exploring ways to implement 3D printing technology. It's time for planners to start letting their imaginations run wild with possibilities.
6 days ago   Rice Kinder Institute for Urban Research
"Build it and they will come," says Ysabel Yates. Unfortunately for these 6 large airports, they didn't.
Oct 11, 2011   The Infrastructurist
A recent study shows that bicyclists absorb more carbon soot in their lungs than pedestrians or drivers. But new reports argue that the benefits of the exercise far outweigh the downsides.
Oct 10, 2011   Twin Cities Daily Planet
Terry Kerby speaks to professionals about the trend toward redeveloped and landscaped city center living and the re-evaluation of the merits of slums and suburbia that has sparked a resurgence of interest in high rise living and public space.
Oct 7, 2011   The Guardian
Drawing examples from a vast supply of disasters in recent years, this 30-page report emphasizes planning and policy for not just housing, but also land tenure and community input, with long-term perspectives.
Oct 7, 2011   Habitat for Humanity
More precisely, will "geoengineering" or "climate remediation" be able to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the earth's atmosphere? A new panel of climate experts will investigate.
Oct 6, 2011   The New York Times - Environment
Richard Florida ranks countries based on the proportion of workers in the 'creative class.' He ranks the U.S. 27th in the world, trailing a top ten including Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany and Switzerland.
Oct 5, 2011   The Atlantic Cities
Today, October 3rd, is World Habitat Day. With climate change creating more dangerous living conditions and the world population expected to reach 8.2 billion by 2030, it will become increasingly important to improve the habitat of those living in poverty, says Tatiane de Jesus of ARCHIVE. Exclusive
Oct 3, 2011  By Tatiane de Jesus
Laura Tepper explains "road ecology", the intersection between transportation planning and habitat conservation.
Oct 3, 2011   Places
World annual death toll due to particulate pollution from indoor and outdoor sources is 2 million people each year, according to a new report from the World Health Organization.
Oct 3, 2011   USA Today
A group of traffic and infrastructure consultants along with NGOS and academics have banded together to spread better bicycle infrastructure around the world.
Oct 2, 2011   Streetsblog