A new book details the primitive origins of the GPS tracking technologies that are so pervasive in today’s mobile-phone-enabled world.
Yesterday   Mother Jones
The study conducted by Latitude Research and Next American City followed 18 participants in San Francisco and Boston as they ditched their automobiles for other transit options.
Mar 17, 2011   Next American City
In the wake of the disasters which devastated parts of Japan, Russell Nichols of <em>Governing</em> investigates the state of disaster preparedness in US cities and states.
Mar 16, 2011   Governing
A design student from the Royal College of Art, London raises the question of whether urban design can be used to bridge the gap between humans and animals which share urban environments.
Mar 15, 2011   GOOD Magazine
Larry Beasley, Vancouver's former chief city planner, was hired to help develop Abu Dhabi's very ambitious Plan 2030.
Mar 14, 2011   Regarding Place Magazine
Bus rapid transit (BRT) is often the most feasible, quickly implemented and cost-effective way to improve mobility in the United States, concluded a distinguished panel of transport experts at a Brookings Institution event.
Mar 14, 2011
The next frontier in urban planning could be in building "smart infrastructure" for cities in partnership with multinational high-tech firms.
Mar 10, 2011   The Globe and Mail
The Indian state of Maharashtra has proposed new rules that would require developers to reserve 35% of new units for low and middle-income families.
Mar 10, 2011   Affordable Housing Legislation May Come to Mumbai has identified 11 of the most interesting modern urban rooftops in the world.
Mar 9, 2011   Web Urbanist
An event held at The Brookings Institution invited transit experts to discuss the lessons learned from BRT systems in Latin America and their applicability in the United States.
Mar 9, 2011   Sustainable Cities Collective
NYC is reusing materials from a construction site in Queens to redesign the area's streetscape with pedestrian safety in mind.
Mar 9, 2011   THE DIRT