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Scott Page is the founder of Interface Studio, a collaborative design office based in Philadelphia.
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Scott Page is an urban designer and planner with degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Georgia Tech. His experience in neighborhood design, city-wide housing strategies, waterfront planning, downtown revitalization and economic development has resulted in innovative and achievable strategies for a diversity of public, non-profit and private clients. Scott's design process merges creative grass-roots planning with a focus on sustainable development and design. His project work has been featured in 306090, CITY, The Journal of Urban Technology, Salon, The Philadelphia Inquirer and, most recently, in Crossover: Architecture Urbanism Technology, by 010 publishers, Rotterdam.

Scott founded Interface Studio in 2004 to explore the relationship between urban design and information technology. Today, the firm is engaged in a wide range of assignments including work in Philadelphia, Chicago, Rochester and Camden. Scott is also a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Design.

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