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In our work to build communities of opportunity where low-income people and people of color can thrive, we must acknowledge that income is how you get out of poverty, assets are how you stay out.
6 hours ago   Rooflines
<p>In six states, test runs will assess public attitudes and acceptance of road taxation systems that ditch gas taxes and charge drivers based on how many miles they drive.</p>
Sep 23, 2007   USA Today
<p>An Army Corps of Engineers project intended to save a Missouri town from flooding by draining a massive wetland has been identified as an ineffective plan. The Corps and its political supporters are under fire for pushing overly expensive projects.</p>
Sep 22, 2007   Time
Park(ing) Day takes off in cities across America in an effort to raise awareness of the shortage of public parks in urban areas, and to highlight the amount of miles and gallons of gas wasted by drivers looking for parking spots.
Sep 21, 2007   The Wall Street Journal
<p>New vehicle technology won't prevent global warming unless urban sprawl is curbed, argues a new book to be published by the Urban Land Institute.</p>
Sep 20, 2007   Smart Growth America
<p>In this article from <em>New Urban News</em>, Philip Langdon looks at LEED, and identifies some ways the system works well and other ways it can improve.</p>
Sep 20, 2007   New Urban News
National Park(ing) Day aims to show people how space traditionally reserved for cars could be turned into useable public space. Exclusive
Sep 20, 2007  By Christian Peralta
<p>Across the country, communities and housing associations are finding themselves in heated debates over what would otherwise be a rather banal subject: drying clothes. Some want to use clotheslines, but others worry about plummeting property values.</p>
Sep 20, 2007   The Wall Street Journal
<p>Suburban sprawls love affair with the automobile is getting out of hand. In the primarily suburban county of Tippecanoe, parking spots are outnumbering automobile's 3 to 1.</p>
Sep 19, 2007   LiveScience.com
<p>With few options for obtaining more water, the small community of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, is going to replenish its dwindling water supplies by treating and recycling its own wastewater.</p>
Sep 19, 2007   High Country News
<p>Los Angeles and Orange counties are once again home to the longest amounts of time drivers waste in traffic congestion, at 72 hours per year. Nationally, the average amount of time lost to traffic congestion is 38 hours -- nearly a full week's work.</p>
Sep 18, 2007   The Los Angeles Times