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17 hours ago   City Journal
<p>In this opinion by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters, she rejects the recommendation by a national transportation commission to increase the gas tax, instead preferring road tolls, congestion pricing, and other private sector investment.</p>
Jan 21, 2008   The Wall Street Journal
<p>Retired FEMA trailers originally sent to house the displaced after Hurricane Katrina have found new purpose in a government programs that distributes them for use by local municipalities.</p>
Jan 21, 2008   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>Public transit systems must be closely linked with new development and projections of growth for communities to sustain themselves in a changing environment, according to this op-ed.</p>
Jan 21, 2008   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>A new report from United for a Fair Economy (UFE) accuses subprime lenders of deliberately and aggressively targeting poor and minority households.</p>
Jan 19, 2008   Agence France Presse
<p>A new report in the latest issue of the <em>Journal of the American Planning Association</em> examines how home-owning and aging baby boomers will drastically affect the housing market.</p>
Jan 18, 2008   The Wall Street Journal
<p>Having been particularly targeted by subprime mortgage lenders, neighborhoods with a majority of African American households are bearing the brunt of the housing crisis.</p>
Jan 18, 2008   The Nation
<p>The long-awaited report by the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission has finally been released and it's sure to create a stir as it calls for annual increases in the gas tax of 5 to 8 cents for 5 years, and then some.</p>
Jan 17, 2008   The Kansas City Star
<p>In its new report released to Congress, the National Surface Transportation and Revenue Study Commission advocates hundreds of billions in annual infrastructure expenditures, and a significant hike in the gas tax.</p>
Jan 17, 2008   AOL News
<p>Architype Review profiles 8 Civic Buildings in the words and images of their design teams.</p>
Jan 16, 2008   ArchiType Review
<p>With thousands of its homes abandoned and public works projects permanently postponed for lack of revenue, Cleveland is filing suit against 21 of the nation's largest banks for their role in the subprime mortgage fiasco.</p>
Jan 15, 2008   The New York Times