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A peak under the hood at "Ground Truth"—the operation behind Google Street View.
2 hours ago   Wired
<p>Are Americans ready to shed their preference for oversized homes? With new regulations in the pipeline, and sustainability all the rage, opponents of McMansions certainly hope so.</p>
Aug 1, 2007   The Guardian
<p>Whether is a proposal for congestion pricing in 2007 or the advent of parking meters in the 1930s, Americans have a way of being hostile towards plans that interfere with their 'constitutional right' to free driving and parking.</p>
Jul 31, 2007   Streetsblog
<p>With the cost of fighting fires having risen dramatically, a recent op-ed suggests that cities and counties reign in sprawl and prevent home construction in forest areas.</p>
Jul 30, 2007   The Salt Lake Tribune
When it comes to redevelopment, many architects, planners and developers like to talk creating a sense of 'community'. But glossy plans and new buildings generally do little to strengthen an area's 'social' fabric -- rather, it often can cause the reverse. Exclusive
Jul 30, 2007  By Ali Modarres
<p>A new collection of research shows that people who have access to affordable housing don't just have a better place to live, but more easily improve their health and education level.</p>
Jul 28, 2007   Center for Housing Policy
<p>With environmental issues increasingly center stage in the public consciousness, the demand for 'green' jobs -- such as urban planners -- is growing quickly.</p>
Jul 27, 2007   Newsweek
<p>With space at a premium in a growing number of U.S. cities, developers are starting to include automated garages in their parking plans.</p>
Jul 26, 2007   The Wall Street Journal
<p>As the popularity of condos and lofts in industrial areas rises amongst both developers and buyers, cities such as Chicago, L.A., and New York are taking steps to protect their historic industrial zones.</p>
Jul 26, 2007   Architectural Record
<p>Congress and the Interior Department investigate whether the Bush administration undermined federal protections.</p>
Jul 25, 2007   The Christian Science Monitor
<p>AARP's annual list of great places to retire focuses on urban areas with amenities that allow seniors to maintain independence -- mixed-use housing, transit, walkable streets.</p>
Jul 25, 2007   AARP