A Republican spending bill would slash funding for the D.C. Metro by half. Local Democrats have called the proposal shortsighted and ill timed.
6 days ago   The Hill
Plans to build a Wal-Mart and parking lot near a historic Civil War battlefield has spurred a bi-partisan protest from Virginia's top officials.
Jul 17, 2009   The Washington Post
Fairfax County, Virginia is contemplating making the switch. Officials say the goal is to have control over local funding decisions, particularly in regards to road maintenance.
Jul 2, 2009   TheCityFix
Though they are still striving for social tolerance, mobile homes have managed to achieve a certain legal acceptance.
Jun 9, 2009   Virginia Lawyers Weekly
The Stafford Board of Supervisors opposed an ordinance which would require a minimum buildable lot area for agriculturally zoned parcels.
Jun 6, 2009   The Free Lance-Star
Reporter Ben Adler travels to Leesburg, VA without a car and reports on the difficulties he experiences getting around. In comparison, Ben walks with ease around Kentlands, a New Urbanist development in Maryland.
May 6, 2009   The American Prospect
Virginia recently announced new rules governing the connectivity and width of streets. Some new urbanists bemoan that they may have muffed an opportunity to make the new standards even better.
Apr 26, 2009   New Urban News
The second phase of a rail line extending to Dulles International Airport is slated for completion in December 2016--later than expected--thanks to delays in getting Congressional funding for the first half of the project.
Apr 24, 2009   The Washington Post
The Virginia Department of Transportation is painting zig-zag lines in the middle of traffic lanes in an effort to get motorists to slow down as they near a bike trail and pedestrian path.
Apr 22, 2009   WTOP
Through streets in new neighborhoods will reduce traffic on and the cost of maintaining overburdened arterials, but builders and residents say it'll make their communities less safe and attractive.
Mar 23, 2009   The Washington Post
As the trend towards urban living grows, churches are rethinking how to approach the urban and religious. This article from a Baptist newspaper suggests that the faithful have been reading and absorbing Richard Florida.
Feb 24, 2009   The Baptist Standard