The Poplar Grove and Glendale neighborhoods in Salt Lake City perform poorly on the federal government's "opportunity index." A new master plan, however, would focus on transportation and nodes of activity to revitalize the area.
Oct 3, 2014   The Salt Lake Tribune
<p>Growth in the Western Salt Lake Valley is creating a need for better mobility. Plans are bubbling for an eight-lane freeway, and while many residents support the plan, others are calling on officials to consider transit options more seriously.</p>
Nov 16, 2007   The Salt Lake Tribune
<p>Despite its tax benefits, a big mixed-use project in Salt Lake City is being blamed for making the downtown a virtual deadzone.</p>
Oct 30, 2007   Deseret Morning News
Urban development, demolition, and redevelopment has been a century-long pattern in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the city again ventures into a massive redevelopment project, former planning director Stephen Goldsmith wants the community to take a new look at what this change means for the city. And he's created a museum to help them do it. Exclusive
Oct 8, 2007  By Nate Berg
<p>Responding to pressure from neighborhood residents and a poor grade from a government audit, the city's planning department will be reorganized to ensure proper procedures are followed.</p>
Oct 7, 2007   The Salt Lake Tribune
<p>Salt Lake City residents are upset over a developer using his powerful clout to reroute a planned light rail line so it would not interfere with access points to his shopping mall.</p>
Sep 2, 2007   Deseret Morning News
<p>The controversy over the proposed sky bridge in downtown Salt Lake City has worked its way into the race for mayor.</p>
Aug 2, 2007   Salt Lake City Weekly
<p>The expanding light rail system in metropolitan Salt Lake City, Utah, is giving many developers opportunities to build transit-oriented housing and retail projects, especially in the suburbs.</p>
Apr 23, 2007   The New York Times
<p>In response to the loss of local businesses in some of Salt Lake City's neighborhoods, Mayor Rocky Anderson is proposing a ban on chain stores in neighborhoods valued for their local character and businesses. But support for the ban is sparse.</p>
Apr 5, 2007   The Salt Lake Tribune
<p>A new 40-year plan for downtown Salt Lake was unveiled by the City's Chamber of Commerce.</p>
Mar 22, 2007   The Salt Lake Tribune
<p>Liberal Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson has been successfully building support for smart growth during his seven years at the helm of this conservative city. Grist sits down with the Mayor to learn the secret of his success.</p>
Feb 9, 2007   Grist