Yonah Freemark writes of the value of infill stations—new transit stations built on existing lines—for increasing transit ridership. Somerville, outside of Boston, will provide the latest example when it opens a station on the Orange Line next week.
3 days ago   the transport politic
<p>Commuter rail is an outdated model of transportation, and does little to reduce car use or promote transit-oriented development.</p>
Jan 3, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>In Massachusetts, some cities are changing their zoning rules and restrictions, encouraging more developers to building higher density "cluster" developments in traditionally low-density areas.</p>
Jan 2, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>The New England region's population growth rate continues to drop below that of the nation as a whole, measuring at a rate of just 0.2 percent between July 2005 and July 2006. This compares with a national growth rate of about 1 percent.</p>
Dec 31, 2006   Portland Press Herald
<p>A study released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows that nutrient pollution in New England and the Gulf of Maine has increased over the last 15 years, due to pesticide use, stormwater runoff, and sewage leaks.</p>
Dec 30, 2006   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
<p>Boston is set to become the first city in the nation to impose a strict set of green building standards on all new development in the city. The requirements will take effect in January and affect buildings 50,000 square feet and larger.</p>
Dec 21, 2006   The Boston Globe
<p>A group in Boston's Chinatown has written their own lyrics to some classic Christmas songs to protest the neighborhood's rapid gentrification.</p>
Dec 15, 2006   Boston Herald
<p>A innovative training program in Boston is helping people get better jobs cleaning up the environment.</p>
Dec 10, 2006   The Boston Globe
<p>A neighborhood group in Boston is trying to bring attention to the "poor planning" of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, in hopes to bring greater accountability to the agency.</p>
Dec 5, 2006   The Boston Globe
<p>Gov. Mitt Romney releases an engineering review that finds Boston's Big Dig to be 'fundamentally safe' but recommends some repairs.</p>
Nov 20, 2006   The Boston Globe
<p>City officials want to save Nuestra Culinary Ventures in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood, which is facing imminent closure due to longstanding budget woes.</p>
Nov 18, 2006   The Boston Globe