September 2, 2005, 8am PDT
Former Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal criticizes Bush administration's environmental and emergency planning policies.
Spiegel Online
September 2, 2005, 7am PDT
Some scientists believe that storms such as Hurricane Katrina that are sometimes called an act of God or a natural disaster, are partly man-made.
Wall St. Journal
September 2, 2005, 6am PDT
Interviews with authors who warned about New Orleans' vulnerability to hurricanes years ago.
Democracy Now!
September 1, 2005, 2pm PDT
While the French Quarter may have survived, much of the built heritage of New Orleans may be lost.
The New York Times
August 31, 2005, 11am PDT
Water has sustained New Orleans and perpetually threatened it. City officials estimated that 80% of the town is under standing water.
The Los Angeles Times
August 31, 2005, 8am PDT
Politicians and planners must correct policies that made New Orleans vulnerable.
The New York Times
August 31, 2005, 5am PDT
An excerpt from John McPhee's book, "The Control of Nature", shows why New Orleans has always been vulnerable to flooding.
August 29, 2005, 7am PDT
New Orlean's weak building codes, lax code enforcement and old, wood-framed buildings could make Hurricane Katrina more devastaing.
The Miami Herald
July 31, 2005, 1pm PDT
The new Hong Kong Plaza used the old Wal-Mart structure as a blueprint for its development.
The Times-Picayune
July 21, 2005, 9am PDT
Facing stiff opposition from cable and phone companies, voters in Lafayette, Louisiana approve a municipal fiber to the home network.
Daily Advertiser
April 25, 2005, 6am PDT
Smart growth is a rising star for more Republicans as well as Democrats. Finally, something both sides of the house can begin to agree on.
November 1, 2004, 1pm PST
The University of New Orleans has increased scholarships to lure new urban planning students from Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas.
The Times-Picayune
October 15, 2004, 9am PDT
An 1800s-style gas station design will become a blueprint for future gas station designs in Mandeville, Louisiana.
The Times-Picayune
July 12, 2004, 9am PDT
Are new ordinances the answer to the surge in public urination in 'adult playgrounds' such as Las Vegas and New Orleans?
The Los Angeles Times
June 9, 2004, 11am PDT
Louisiana's $14-billion effort to save the state's coast from erosion is in jeopardy after the White House sets aside an engineering study.
The Los Angeles Times
April 22, 2004, 9am PDT
Famed gothic writer Anne Rice is selling her New Orleans house and moving the suburbs. New Orleans is 'aghast'.
The Los Angeles Times
April 5, 2004, 12pm PDT
Volunteers work to save above ground cemeteries in New Orleans.
February 6, 2004, 8am PST
Federal government contracting is "the last frontier in the technology sector," and New Orleans may finally emerge as a technology center.
November 29, 2003, 7am PST
How does St. Tammany radically redefine the way growth occurs to save the parish from its own success?
Bureau Of Governmental Research
October 9, 2003, 12pm PDT
Report identifies systemic weaknesses in land use decision making and offers a series of recommendations.
Bureau Of Governmental Research