June 14, 2005, 1pm PDT
The beleaguered organization needs more funds to continue running past this year.
The Chicago Tribune
June 11, 2005, 9am PDT
Rethinking death and the city.
June 7, 2005, 6am PDT
Can urban planning be a means to great architecture?
May 20, 2005, 1pm PDT
McDonald's tries to pack value into design in its huge new 50thanniversary restaurant, which opened in Chicago.
The Slatin Report
May 17, 2005, 2pm PDT
How does Chicago's new Millenium Park compare with the great urban parks of the 19th and 20th centuries?
May 17, 2005, 7am PDT
Chicago is latest to consider route cuts, but from Philadelphia to San Francisco, fares may rise.
The Christian Science Monitor
May 16, 2005, 6am PDT
Plans to slip a sparkling new 72 story condo tower behind vintage facades spurs debate on the nature of architectural preservation.
May 13, 2005, 9am PDT
Plans were unveiled to turn the Acme Steel Co. Chicago Coke Plant into a museum on the history and making of steel.
The Chicago Tribune
May 6, 2005, 5am PDT
For one architect, being dead didn’t put an end to designing buildings.
The Chicago Tribune
May 3, 2005, 1pm PDT
So how does government help build stronger neighborhoods? Start by building community anchors: schools, libraries, parks and police and fire stations.
The Planning Report
May 2, 2005, 1pm PDT
Chicago's Public School CEO shares his strategies for planning Chicago's schools.
The Metro Investment Report
April 16, 2005, 9am PDT
The will to kitschy architecture outruns rational planning.
April 11, 2005, 2pm PDT
Chicago Transit Authority faces budget challenges.
The Guardian Unlimited
March 6, 2005, 9am PST
A new exhibition asks whether top designers can rescue manufactured housing from the public's disdain.
March 2, 2005, 9am PST
Chicago is tearing down the historic and notorious Cabrini-Green projects, to much protest by residents.
The Los Angeles Times
February 27, 2005, 1pm PST
A population drain on Long Island worries officials, who worry about a declining tax base and labor force.
The Chicago Tribune
February 20, 2005, 5am PST
University officials are threatening eminent domain to acquire a Champaign local landmark to demolish and make way for a 900-space parking deck.
January 21, 2005, 8am PST
A first-in-the-nation experiment in electricity pricing is demonstrating that consumers are willing to change how they use electricity -- and save money in the process.
Chicago Sun-Times
January 19, 2005, 1pm PST
The first 12 models of homes at Prairie Crossing represent the firstcommunity-scale demonstration project for the U.S. Department ofEnergy's Building America program.
December 22, 2004, 7am PST
US, Canada, and several states join forces to tackle everything from sewage to mischievous species.
The Christian Science Monitor