The vast appeal of the open streets movement was on display in Atlanta last weekend, as the city hosted the Open Streets Summit and its very own event: Atlanta Streets Alive.
Sep 30, 2015   Saporta Report
<p>City officials in Snellville, near Atlanta, claim they cannot stop the pending arrival of a new crematorium along a busy street and near homes.</p>
Jul 16, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Renee Lewis Glover, president and CEO of the Atlanta Housing Authority, reflects on the troubled history of housing projects in Atlanta, GA, as the last of its kind in the city is demolished.</p>
Jul 6, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Washington D.C.'s recent lift of its citywide handgun ban could signal a change for other cities with similar bans, like L.A. and Atlanta.</p>
Jun 27, 2008   NPR
<p>Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has surprised many in the state by reversing his position and pledging full support for commuter rail in metropolitan Atlanta.</p>
Jun 20, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Today is "Dump the Pump" Day, an annual event created by the American Public Transportation Association to bring awareness to the benefits of public transit. Transit agencies across the country are offering free rides, including many in Florida.</p>
Jun 19, 2008   By Tim Halbur
<p>This article from <em>Reason</em> argues that a double-decker traffic tunnel can effectively reduce congestion in Atlanta -- one of the most congested cities in America.</p>
Jun 4, 2008   Reason
<p>If you demolish a building, then recreate it exactly in a different spot, will it retain its original character? Atlantans may find out.</p>
May 24, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
With the rise of corporate farming and the decline of small farming operations, Americans are increasingly disconnected from their food. Some are attempting to counteract this disconnect through local small farming operations known as Community Supported Agriculture. Exclusive
May 19, 2008  By Greg Ramsey
<p>Typically considered a poster child for sprawl, Atlanta's leaders and residents are now trying to steer the city's growth and development down a greener path.</p>
May 15, 2008
<p>Water shortages have hammered the Atlanta region. But despite the drought, one real estate developer is planning to build a huge water park.</p>
May 8, 2008   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution