Inadequate state enforcement of protected underground aquifers led to a group of emergency cease and desist orders. The failure of regulators is "especially disturbing" in a state stricken by a historic, economy- and life-threatening drought.
11 hours ago   Pacific Standard
<p>State agencies in California are starting to review projects based on their greenhouse gas contributions, an approach that may conflict with the state's energy policy.</p>
May 23, 2007   California Planning & Development Report
<p>The Slow Food movement has lessons for giving cities a humane density.</p>
May 23, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>New publication VerdeXchange offers an interview with Google's Director of Corporate Environmental Programs about the company's efforts to transform its campus into a greener workplace and the future model of corporate environmentalism.</p>
May 22, 2007   VerdeXchange News
<p>Bike lanes are the wrong approach that end up marginalizing cyclists argues Will Campbell.</p>
May 21, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>Menlo Park, California, struggles with the compatibility of being green and fighting climate change, while resisting high density housing, even around transit stations and corridors.</p>
May 20, 2007   Menlo Park Almanac
<p>Many modern day manufactured homes have upgraded their looks, attracting both buyers looking for value as well as style and sustainability.</p>
May 19, 2007   San Jose Mercury News
<p>Rail buffs hope to run a tourist train on an unused rail line in the Sierra foothills outside of Sacramento, but there are concerns that it would prevent the corridor from being used as a recreational trail for hikers, bikers and equestrians.</p>
May 17, 2007   The Sacramento Bee
<p>City officials in Oakland, California, are proposing the creation of a "tent city" to provide temporary shelter to the homeless. Advocates say the private tents will be preferred to the city's existing barracks-style shelters.</p>
May 14, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Journalist Ray Hebert helped introduce the public to planning issues with his coverage of urban growth and mobility in the 1960s.</p>
May 13, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>A team of FBI agents attempt to stop a terrorist attack on Los Angeles in a recent episode of CBS's hit show, Numb3rs. But it's the FBI agent's father -- a retired city planner -- who saves the day.</p>
May 12, 2007   CBS, Numb3rs