Steep views command steep prices in other big cities, but they can't seem to work in San Francisco, where there are plenty of beautiful views available for free.
10 hours ago   San Francisco Chronicle
Rapidly approaching a ballot deadline, CA Gov. Schwarzenegger caved in his pledge to veto any bills sent to him prior to receiving a budget by signing a bill that modernizes the 2002 high speed rail bond. Prop 1A will now appear on the Nov. ballot.
Aug 27, 2008   The Sacramento Bee
Bill Fulton says that California's new smart growth and climate change law doesn't really contain any new ideas, and it's unlikely to make a huge difference in California's growth patterns all by itself.
Aug 27, 2008   California Planning & Development Report
In industrial West Oakland, backyard farming is flourishing, with more than 80 farms sprouting up with organic produce and a local bent.
Aug 27, 2008   Wall St. Journal
Gas prices are driving a select few die-hards to trade in their cars for running shoes.
Aug 26, 2008   Wall St. Journal
Josh Stephens illuminates the debate on subway expansion plans in Los Angeles and the forces on all sides.
Aug 25, 2008   InTransition Magazine
AAA and the Chamber of Commerce fight environmentalists and transit planners who want to allow California voters to decide to add regional driver’s fees, either variable registration surcharges or new gas taxes, to fund climate protection measures.
Aug 25, 2008   San Francisco Examiner
Technically these are SROs- Single Room Occupancy units, but it's a spanking new building, cafe below, in the vibrant SoMa district, starting at only $279,000. The catch: some units are only 250 sq.ft.
Aug 25, 2008   The San Francisco Chronicle
CA's landmark smart growth bill, SB 375, is close to passing. It aims to reduce global warming by requiring regions to devise "sustainable community strategies".
Aug 23, 2008   LA Times
Should a packed commuter train remove seats to make room for cyclists or charge to bring bikes on board during peak hours? The Caltrain line between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the first to accommodate cyclists, is wrestling with this issue.
Aug 23, 2008   San Mateo Daily News
Katie and Sabrina Lewis of Clayton, CA have inadvertently gotten tied up in a political mess of zoning and commercial uses by selling produce from their family garden at a stand in front of their house.
Aug 22, 2008   ABC7