Telecom companies don’t want to compete with local governments to provide Internet to residents, but a recent rule by the federal government allows them to do just that. Pushback has come from an unlikely source: state attorneys general.
2 hours ago   Pacific Standard
In an attempt to lure more employees of high-tech companies to use public transit, the Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Authority has proposed buses with wi-fi, reclining seats, and even a concierge to coordinate dry-cleaning services.
Mar 2, 2011   GOOD Magazine
The city of Chicago is planning to build a network of 280 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city by the end of the year.
Mar 2, 2011   Grist
Will digital communications make cities obsolete, or can online connections actually complement the face-to-face interactions and the cities that support them?
Mar 1, 2011   New York Times
A hub of information and communications technology known as Kista Science City in Stockholm, Sweden, has focused on intelligent transportation to fuel its success.
Mar 1, 2011   Next American City
In preparation for the 2012 Olympics, the City of London has announced its plans to introduce a revolutionary ticketing system to allow easier access to its public transit network.
Feb 28, 2011   This Big City
A grassroots online campaign has already raised more than $50,000 to build a statue of the science fiction character RoboCop in Detroit. The effort's organizers call it an art project with the goal of urban regeneration.
Feb 18, 2011   The Detroit Free Press
A prototype bike path is being built in Amsterdam. When complete, it will combine the best aspects of earth-friendly transportation and eco-friendly energy, say the project's developers.
Feb 15, 2011
A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that Hybrid vehicles were involved in a higher incidence rate of collisions involving cyclists and pedestrians compared to gasoline powered vehicles.
Feb 15, 2011
The award show, held at London's Building Centre, highlights social media use in the built environment, according to Joe Peach of This Big City.
Feb 14, 2011
Elisa Wood says that Obama's recently introduced initiative will spur innovation among high-tech companies, as well as the usual architects, builders, and energy-efficiency companies.
Feb 14, 2011