As transportation network companies like Uber and Bridj make it easier for some to opt out of the public transit system, a new app would help transit agencies offer more user-centric services.
2 days ago   Fast Co.Exist
"Open Buildings" App lets you discover the built environment with the touch of a screen.
Feb 8, 2011
The Global Village Construction Set is a group of farmers and engineers who are developing an set of open-source designs for the forty tools one would need to create a self-sufficient life living off of the land.
Feb 7, 2011   Fast Company
The Nano, India's popular tiny car, has created an explosion of interest due to its low emissions, great gas mileage, and small overall footprint. Could smaller cars like the Nano be a solution for traffic-clogged streets and the problems of air pollution? Or are they a distraction from the real solutions? Planetizen's Emily Laetz investigates. Exclusive
Feb 7, 2011  By Emily Laetz
Apparently in the horror first-person shooter videogame F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin for XBox, you can win a special "City Planner" achievement by -- blowing stuff up.
Feb 4, 2011   YouTube
The cities of the future should be "smart" -- equipped with data-collection tools and technologies to improve city functionality -- but being smart also means being a good listener, writes Saskia Sassen.
Feb 3, 2011   What Matters
William D. Eggers says the government is giving up the costly infrastructure investments in favor of cloud computing, and the Feds are leading the way.
Feb 1, 2011   Governing Magazine
The term "smart growth" may be approaching the end of its shelf life, according to some. Its replacement: "intelligent cities".
Jan 30, 2011   USA Today
Volvo is taking things a step closer to the "driverless car" idea with their "road train" concept: cars can "hook up" to a lead car or bus with a professional driver and ride along in their stream until they need to disembark.
Jan 20, 2011   Grist
British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to build a Silicon Valley-like "tech city" at the site of the 2012 Summer Olympics. But some question whether his plan can work.
Jan 18, 2011   Wired UK
A second Pew Center report on transportation and climate change has been released. It places most emphasis on vehicle technology and fuel, less on transit and smart growth. However, urban planners should note that pricing policies are stressed.
Jan 17, 2011   Pew Center on Global Climate Change