The Google Bus protests got the media’s attention, and the Ellis Act has politicians' attention, but the Bay Area’s current tech-housing-gentrification crisis is a big, complicated mess.
2 days ago   TechCrunch
The current government strategy to increase fuel efficiency is to mandate it through increases in the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, currently set for 35.5 mpg by 2016. In this piece, auto executives suggest a better way - using gas taxes.
Nov 9, 2009   Automobile
Private industry often points to governmental regulations as a source of added expense that makes them less competitive. In this case, NYC's requirement two years ago that taxis accept credit cards has resulted in growth in ridership and revenue.
Nov 9, 2009   The New York Times - N.Y/Region
Transit stops are now included on Walkscore, the map-mashup website that scores neighborhoods based on their accessibility and walkability.
Nov 7, 2009   NRDC Switchboard
Experts from heritage group Historic Scotland have developed a technique using lasers to create precise digital representations of enormous sites. Mount Rushmore is the next location to be captured.
Nov 7, 2009   The New York Times
A new computer modeling technique called "auralization" does just that, turning architectural drawings into simulated spaces.
Oct 27, 2009   ArchiTech
GIS folks are Twittering about this new addition to Google Maps. Blogger Joe Francia talks to Michael Jones, Google's chief technology advocate, about what the new data means, and where it's coming from.
Oct 24, 2009   All Points Blog
Benches that dump you for sitting too long, trash cans that spit your recyclables back out- will the Sentient City lack empathy?
Oct 23, 2009   BBC News
City data catalogs are fast moving from the exception to the norm for large U.S. cities. Opinion
Oct 19, 2009   By Robert Goodspeed
Maine mill town asks citizens to record their memories at downtown "Heart Spots" as part of the master planning process.
Oct 18, 2009   The Journal Tribune
A group of 200 volunteers with GPS devices will walk the streets of Atlanta this weekend to create a community-owned map of the city and its intricate details.
Oct 16, 2009   BBC