How Apps Can Help Track How Angelenos Move

In a review of the iPhone app Human, Los Angeles County planner Clement Lau examines how the daily movement of residents can be measured.

The Human app tracks how Angelenos move but can’t tell the whole picture because of its limited use.

Clement Lau, a Los Angeles County Planner, reviews the mobile app and shares its findings.

“According to Human, nearly three-quarters of activity in Los Angeles are via motorized transport.  Only 20% walk comparing to the average of 37% in other cities.  Cycling only accounts for 4% of activity, noticeably lower than the average of 10% in other cities.”

Although the app data confirms the idea that Los Angeles is a city of drivers, Lau cautions against jumping to conclusions.

The Human app has limited use because it is not widely known yet and restrictedto iPhone users only, so the data can’t be conclusive, he writes.Lau also cites his use of other apps to track similar data including MapMyWalk.

“It really does help to have this handy tool to track my activity level; even though it is not 100% accurate, itstill gives me a very good idea of how active I have been or how much more I need to do to meet my daily activity/exercise goal.”

To read the full story, visit Urbdezine.

Full Story: Tracking the Movement of Angelenos


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