Social / Demographics

February 7, 2007, 1pm PST
<p>Science News reviews the research and opinions linking sprawl and obesity, and investigates whether urban sprawl "makes people fat."</p>
Science News
February 7, 2007, 5am PST
<p>A new trend appearing in the slums of Brazil is a high number of foreign tourists and expatriates who visit or even move into the impoverished areas. Meanwhile, Brazil's middle and upper classes keep their distance from the dangerous slums.</p>
The Christian Science Monitor
February 6, 2007, 7am PST
<p>Brooklyn's Starrett City is for sale. While most of the rents of the almost 5,900 apartments are federally subsidized, the tenants fear eventual displacement. Governor Spitzer has signaled he is willing to assist to keep the project affordable.</p>
The New York Times
February 5, 2007, 7am PST
<p>A recent report has identified a severe housing shortage for senior citizens. Waiting periods for subsidized senior housing can last more than 13 months, according to the report.</p>
The Chicago Tribune
January 31, 2007, 10am PST
<p>A new study about the effects of local highway pollution on children's health has determined that living near highways can cause lifelong health risks. The results may cause many planners to reconsider where new housing and schools are developed.</p>
The Los Angeles Times
January 31, 2007, 9am PST
<p>A city ordinance in Orlando, Florida, does not allow social service groups that help the city's homeless population to expand or renovate their facilities, out of fear that development will be hindered. Many groups are looking to change this law.</p>
Orlando Weekly
January 31, 2007, 8am PST
<p>A license has been granted to the city of Manchester to host the United Kingdom's first "supercasino" -- a 5,00 square meter gambling and hotel complex similar to Las Vegas casinos. However, many in the UK are worried about resulting social problems.</p>
The Guardian Unlimited
January 28, 2007, 9am PST
<p>A Boise historian promotes walking as a way to get in touch with the city's history, and officials are hoping a walking education will help residents understand why planning is essential to managing the city's huge population growth.</p>
The Idaho Statesman
January 27, 2007, 7am PST
<p>The Jimmy Carter charity, long identified with "sweat equity" and affordable housing, is confronting strong, residential opposition in its application to build four homes to accompany three market-rate homes in affluent Marin County west of Tiburon.</p>
The San Francisco Chronicle
January 26, 2007, 7am PST
<p>In an effort to put a modern face on Calcutta, the Indian state of West Bengal has outlawed rickshaw pulling.</p>
The Globe and Mail
January 26, 2007, 5am PST
<p>Passage of an ordinance making it illegal to sit or lie on sidewalks in Portland, Oregon, has been delayed by the city's mayor until more benches and public restrooms have been installed.</p>
The Portland Tribune
January 25, 2007, 7am PST
<p>Cheap rents draw many young people into less fashionable neighborhoods -- sparking gentrification -- though sometimes the trade-offs can be more than bargained for.</p>
The Wall Street Journal
January 25, 2007, 6am PST
<p>Wendell Cox discusses the "faulty predictions" of a recent report on the prevalence of asthma in 100 U.S. metropolitan areas.</p>
From the Heartland
January 25, 2007, 5am PST
<p>Equity refuges from the Golden State are driving up home prices, increasing traffic, liberalizing politics and bringing crime to cities in the Interior West.</p>
The Economist
January 24, 2007, 12pm PST
<p>A wave of gentrification is threatening Manhattan's Puerto Rican enclave.</p>
The New York Times
January 24, 2007, 7am PST
<p>Though they serve over half of all U.S. college undergrads, two-year institutions have typically focused more on getting students to enroll rather than helping them reach their career goals. But that attitude is changing.</p>
The Christian Science Monitor
January 24, 2007, 6am PST
<p>As more seniors and empty nesters seek to reclaim the downtown lifestyle of their youth, small towns across America are experiencing a second chance at economic vitality.</p>
The New York Times
January 23, 2007, 7am PST
<p>Nancy Solomon reports that due to increased demand Amtrak may increase service along urban lines in its northeast corridor.</p>
National Public Radio
January 22, 2007, 11am PST
<p>Was pre-Katrina New Orleans unable to support its former population, and thus now -- as a smaller city -- better-positioned economically? Or is it in danger of losing its cultural identity without that population?</p>
The New York Times
January 22, 2007, 9am PST
<p>Toronto, Ontario, is on its way to meeting a goal of adding 500,000 residents by 2031. Many see the dense growth as a positive move for Canada's most populous city, but trading sprawl for compact growth is creating strain on its infrastructure.</p>
The Toronto Star