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Superstorm Sandy spurred the New York City Economic Development Corporation to form the RISE:NYC program, a global competition for innovative solutions to post-disaster resiliency. Arup's Sarah Wesseler spoke with them to learn more.
11 hours ago   Doggerel
Imbalances between the amount of cars being added to the roadways in China's cities and the amount of roads for them to drive on is brewing a major traffic problem.
Feb 11, 2011   Miller-McCune
<em>Per Square Mile</em> recount the history of Cahokia, a Mississipian settlement that was the biggest city in America from about 1250 to 1800.
Feb 11, 2011   Per Square Mile
Between 2,000 and 3,000 people have taken over the Grande Hotel in Beira, Mozambique, and turned it into a small community of squatters.
Feb 11, 2011   CNN
With millions of people, Los Angeles -- like many big cities -- can be a rude place. And though it makes sense that the city can be impolite, it doesn't have to be, argues Amy Alkon in this op-ed.
Feb 11, 2011   Los Angeles Times
A study conducted in Illinois has found no correlation between rates of obesity to suburban sprawl, as was previously believed.
Feb 10, 2011   US News
As demographics shift and housing preferences of younger buyers lean away from single-family housing, much of the single-family-home-zoned areas in Charlotte will need to be rethought, according to this editorial.
Feb 10, 2011   The Charlotte Observer
Having read articles lately on Planetizen and elsewhere on how the "fresh new concept” of Intelligent Cities is replacing the stale old term "smart growth", I was moved to write a comment regarding the latest such article which compared smart growth to urban renewal in terms of its stale-dated coolness, and suggested that smart growth may be passé because of its successful take-over of main-stream thought and practice. Blog Post
Feb 8, 2011   By Brent Toderian
A transit program in California is intended to be a lifeline for the homeless population, allowing for easier access to medical services and employment opportunities.
Feb 8, 2011   GOOD Magazine
Interested communities are invited to apply until February 23, 2011. The purpose of the program is to help interested communities adopt sustainable planning methods.
Feb 8, 2011   Sustainable Cities Collective
"Open Buildings" App lets you discover the built environment with the touch of a screen.
Feb 8, 2011