The Dangers of Drunk Riding

In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, many partiers will turn to public transit to get home after a night of New Year's revelry. But beware, there is such a thing as being too drunk to ride the rails, warns D.C.'s Metro system.

After a series of falls involving intoxicated riders over the last two months, "[D.C.] Metro officials are warning riders that drinking too much and riding on the rail system can be dangerous," writes Dana Hedgpeth. "Metro’s warning comes on the cusp of New Year’s Eve, when the system will stay open until 2 a.m. and many more riders are expected to be out celebrating."

Many of the recent incidents were caught on surveillance footage, which the Post shares with its readers. Though the falls are frightening, none has apparently resulted in death.

“The point here is that there is such a thing as too drunk to be on Metro,” spokesman Dan Stessel said. “If you are unable to walk properly, maintain balance and exercise good judgment, you are better off taking a cab or having someone who hasn’t been drinking drive you, for your own safety.”

Full Story: After drunken falls, Metro warns of riding while impaired


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