L.A. to Increase Parking Requirements...For Bikes, not Cars

This week the L.A. City Council's Planning and Land Use Committee forwarded to the full council a progressive bike parking ordinance that could dramatically change how developers provide parking for both bikes and autos, reports Damien Newton.

Just last month, Los Angeles's Planning Commission made significant progress in changing the city's relationship with parking by approving L.A.'s first area plan without parking requirements. That relationship will be transformed even further by the imminent approval of "a progressive bike parking ordinance that would dramatically increase the amount of bicycle parking required in new developments," says Newton.

“This is a huge milestone in further establishing cycling as a legitimate mode of transportation in this City,” writes Bill Rosendahl, Chair of the City Council Transportation Committee.

The most transformative aspect of the ordinance, however, might be a provision which will allow for swapping car parking for bicycle parking in certain areas. According to Newton. "Up to 30% of auto parking can swapped for bicycle parking within a commercial nonresidential  project and 15% of auto parking can be swapped within a residential project that is near a major bus or transit station."

In another sign that the bike is slowly taking over real estate once reserved for the car, "[t]he ordinance also provides a mechanism to add more bike corrals to city streets.   These on-street public bicycle parking spaces offer an opportunity to provide ample bicycle parking without taking up pedestrian space on sidewalks.... The corral at Cafe De Leche in Northeast L.A. was part of a pilot program that was succesful [sic] enough that the LADOT and City Planning are comfortable enough to let them flourish city-wide."

Full Story: Bike Parking Ordinance Moves Back to City Council


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